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Lambda is OUTTA there.
A new challenger approaches
Must be hard to convey Jasper's expression when they have diamonds for eyes. But hey, you got there.
That cupcake must have been good, they downed that thing in only 2 panels.
@__M__: 5th panel, in the window to the right of the Mismagius and Pikachu.
Mmmm, cupcake for breakfast.
We see you in the background Gamma, you can't hide from us forever.
Alex is serious now, he's skeptical of pretty much everything.
I'm sure Atticus is fine too.
Alex just got super intense out of nowhere.
The real question is why Marie and Sandy haven't already run away like 5 minutes ago.
Wow, Nick really doesn't know how to read the tone of a situation, does he?
*Makes obligatory Titanic reference*
I’m surprised that Malachi was able to make it down that latter. Not just because he’s a quadruped, but also because it’s Malachi.
This is becoming more anime every update.
Xael is using the Kaioken.
Why does the purrloin look so sad? My cats are always so happy when they bring in a dead bird...
Malachi, I don't feel so good. *Turns to dust*
Looks Promising
I can't wait to see what you have in store. :)