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Probably less "no access" and more "doesn't know how to use them".
Looks like Bismuth crystal.
She might have made the price outrageous on purpose to force him to accept the proposal.

If the proposal is suspicious or isn't reasonable, can't they just wait for the original appraiser, Seth, to get better as it's not like they're on a time limit to find out what the treasure is?
@mrjacob77: Could a Smeargle forge a letter?
Is this the specialist that Kecleon mentioned?
I don't think a swamp is a good place for a horse to be in (deep mud plus potential gators and snakes) and what if it's a trap laid by that stallion (such as to drive the centinels into the hazardous swamp)?
Because it appears that the rope does not form a proper harness, which should also have a rope around the chest (unless it's hidden by the neck fur) instead of just a loop around the torso (check out dog harnesses).
Maybe whoever brought Eevee over didn't want evolution before due time for whatever reason.
I don't think human-required disasters happen very often, which could lead to such a group becoming complacent.
I don't think Paris would appreciate the "Heroes" name.
"How do you know it?", is that question asking about how the wartortle knew that the ninetales of the legend location was unknown? If so, why is he reacting as if not knowing the location is something bad or does he actually (secretly) knows the location and this ninetales is asking how he knew it as she saw through him?
@Samadriel: "This particular houndoom character", in this setting would a pokemon species going to have subspecies (eg, a greyhound subspecies of houndoom is faster than an average doberman houndoom in exchange for lower defense or something) or would all houndooms and other pokemon have no subspecies?
Looks like he got caught in the act.
@BudgieGryphon: Probably filled with alcohol.
That outlaw must be powerful if it could have magnezone worry for the safety of a mega houndoom guildmaster.
Wouldn't a Wartortle be able to move faster on all fours instead of being bipedal?
Some fairy tales not getting happy endings, I recall that some of the original fairy tales were rather dark before they were made to be more kid-friendly.
The only giant that his father couldn't defeat, sounds like it's part of his son's destiny to defeat that giant.
Is Baba talking about Red Riding Hood?
Yuki, as in the japanese name for snow? Fitting substitute name for Snow White.