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Is that a human skull in the bottom left corner?
October 5th, 2018
Is it just me or is this page not loading?
@Shadowborne: Sableye could learn Mean Look.
September 24th, 2018
Are they not going to ask why Japhin, the winner of the week, didn't "just" beat up the guy chasing him who was said to have lost every match he was in?
Is this "High Emperor" the one who was dressed up as a Zygarde (mask and feathers, along with being a seer)?
September 19th, 2018
I don't think it's a good idea to tempt deadwood with a herd, we wouldn't want any of the deer to "disappear".
September 15th, 2018
That might explain the lack of control over her magic.
@PJSam: I think she did visit them in the Jungle in one of Sly's stories.
August 25th, 2018
@Nosh Ware: In Dwarf Fortress you should fear evil weather.
How does the heracross feel about this?
Is he not suspicious of the owl's unusual behavior?
So does she need to go down to get the wraith skull?
Réveiller means 'to awaken' in French, I wonder what its referring to here.
I wouldn't bet on him being "peaceful" here as he might get a bit violent when it comes to his sister (considering how he confronted the wolf earlier).
July 14th, 2018
July 13th, 2018
That's when she realized that she's far from home.
July 6th, 2018
They don't even know how many or what exactly the crimes were, so how can they legally charge him?
Did he forget that she had a staff that could've been used to fish the bag out?
Yes, run up to an potentially dangerous wild animal in an another world, there's no way it could go wrong.
June 13th, 2018
Getting help from demons and like to activate strange magic runes formed from a stolen language instead of one's own, there's no way that would go wrong or have any negative consequences howsoever.