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Right on, man.
Nobody loves, has, or will love me. I'll be homeless the second my parents stop feeling guilty for my existing. I'll be lucky to flip burgers.

I'm a fucking genius, or could have been. I was set to be a god damn neurologist. I could be rich. But that is a timeline where I didn't go off the deep end. Happiness isn't in my agenda in the slightest, just a lot of drugs. I could be dead but that'd be too damn easy wouldn't it, it'd be too fast and simple. I get to suffer for a long time. Forward is nothing to look to to feel better about the past, there's only distraction and escapism.

This is actually the longest conversation I've held in a week. I don't have the energy to rage anymore and the come down is coming on. Today was another in a long series of fuzzy half remembered mistakes, another wasted day in a wasted life. I'm sorry you caught that patch. I'll try to keep myself from spouting off here again. I guess I won't comment anymore though. This account is known now and I like anonymity and not being tied to myself. I always fuck myself over, stupid bitc

Edit:I don't know why it didn't reply to you but I'm too tired to fi, it
You weren't wrong, I'm a troll, I'm an asshole. Quite correct
@GreenKrog: what do tou think a troll is, theyre just agry hurt people lashing out, every single one, people are born broken but that iself is reason to be angry and when theres nothing to hold, you thrash and rarely care what you hit
@GreenKrog: Fuck futures, there isn't one and any actions just tailspin in an inferno of failure and regret, wanna be as much as that line from bring me the horizon, what song, coulda been shoulda been nevber was and mever ever will be

Im disgusting inside and out, fuck anyone who disagrees, nasty shit

Conversation in your head go about, just fucking do it, jesus could you shut the fuck up, you're fucking disgusting, fucking killyourself and all thoughts beyond it dissipate.|

bitch i can't talk to myself, i can't even type its taken me this long just to tell you to go fuck yourself, calling thats a fuckin joke, talking and saying some shit, cying and acting like something changes and boom, sun goes down 5 minutes later and the world is a black hole again
Inebriated? Fuck am i, you would be too, every second i can, what else is there? there isn't anything better, the best even fall to it so why not jump in headfirst, whatever i can

its not like theres even a thheme, i'm hardly forming sentences, let alone a cohesive argument in favor of any point of view positive or negative, theres just a rushing SCREAM, a fucking barrage of FUCK. Run the world, someone like me already is, a psychotic piece of shit, im about doing the samee as any tweet, probably more cursing, or not, i havent followed

Dno't fucking worry, id have to move my ass to die, unless i accidentally OD which would be fucking great, nice calm slip into bliss

Fuck off and stop offering people help, nobody is worth it, theyre just dirt

I don't even know why i'm still replying. I should have enough shame to shut it and fuck off, but i know ill keep this up until you stop talking or i pass out so just leave me hanging so i can stop making a fool of my damn self
@GreenKrog: Like i said, it was 90% projection. I'm a disgusting wannabe-trans fat chick. I can't hold a job due to schizoaffective whatever shit, Everyone i know hates me, i hate me, i hate everyone. Ive been here lurking and commenting for years now, and sometimes you piss me, off. Im glad to have an account now though, can you kick or ban? i don't even know. You're disgusting, and so i am. Your thoughts are illogical and you shhare them, half understanding and half just spewing them on to the page, Hoping they form sentences (and quite often you don't, taking from the corrections) I try to quiet myself but there arent enough feet to fill my fat mouth. So i too spew nonsense, pure bullshit, and to about the same eaffittt

We should all be killed, every human is a well of disgust waiting to bubble up. Every little thing we do is to support our own filth.

Also, this is my first time being an ass to you that i can remember so thats some other person spreading themselves on your head. It's not trolling if it's not fun though