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I love anime and manga...can you tell? For years now I've had a desire to share my art with the world (while making boys do unmentionably cute things to each other!) and I guess web comics are the way to go.

I usually go for manga stlyed layouts, etc, but the themes and stories are all my own.

Please read some of my work and let me know what you think! However be warned it is all Boys Love/shounen-ai/shonen-ai/yaoi/GAY!!!!

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aw, you all look so cute! I'm officially in love with your boys^^ please continue with their story soon!
hahaha, that's hilarious. he really does seem angry
okay, that's just sexy for some reason
<3 him
OMG, I want Kieth's Uncle to be mine!!!!
yes... they fell off the cliff. the end. lol
just joking. heheh, bet in all seriousness, wet beach sex on the way!
so, I've finally finished toning this page, don't worry there are more on the way. ^^

sorry for the wait!!
yay!! so happy! an update^^
looks adorable as usual!
wow. O_O seriously, your art is amazing! *fav
hang out!!! please just say hang out!!!

omg, his hair is beautiful by the way. I want it.
OH NO! that's so wrong.... LOL Keith, why?!?!?!?!
Nooooooo!!!!!!!! bad persian!!! Meowth, don't listen to him!!
OMG!! Sooooo Hillarious!!!! and sooo wrong!!!!!!!! I laughed so loud my mom wanted me to explain so... yeah. that would have been bad. LOL
ahahaha! they're so cute when they're possessive!!! misty definitely seems to be enjoying it. LOL
I have a feeling that this isn't what it seems..... but I wish it were. lol
O.O so pretty.....
OMG! so Awesome! that's something you just don't expect to see everyday... oh Pikachu--he's so pleasant! LOL
wow, I did not see things going this way. lol. what's going on?!

and also you can't blame people. your icon is VERY distracting! :P
Yassa, thanks so much for drawing and writing this. I always check back for updates and the wait is absolutely worth it. I LOVE everything you've done so far! <3<3
thank you *god! (*read yassa) ash and pikachu both stopped being stupid at the same time! XD

yassa, all your hard work pays off. this is wonderful!! <33
here's just a filler of a random cat boy (can't go wrong there :P). the comic will resume when my computer is fixed and the files are saved!!! thanks for waiting!! <3 you guys!!

..:( I'm sad about my computer... It's still new and I had it built for me...