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You needn't know much about me.
The Soviets have done this, too. It is a concept which is not unknown to both sides. But, history is written by the victors, not by the defeated. I am not defending the Axis or the Allies by making this statement.
Jura.exe has stopped functioning.
Would you like to kiss again, or wait for this program to function again?
The central panels perfectly describe what happens when I want to read a book, and the reaction is the same, too. I just love it when they just decide to start tearing from the slightest touch...
So... Can we conclude that the red vial is the Vial of Life? Why am I wondering? There is a red flower growing out of it, and it looks quite lively.
Sooch much be a dwarf if he can stand up normally while pushing a bed. He is not learning forward, or pushing it by sitting on his knees. He is just dwarfish.
Hm. No dog reported or anything, but there is a corpse. It is hiding when it does not attack, so maybe a werewolf? It has such claws, and teeth to make the gap in the shoulder.
I don't even know any fitting title
All aboard the hype train for chapter II! I can't wait to see Chapter II!
Ah, this is where the wild dogs from page 5, chapter 1 come in. I was wondering when they would make their entrance. Time to speculate: Razzio and Sulvain will embark (get it? Bark and wild dogs? Hahahah *gets taken away to a mental assylum*) on a journey to find and destroy the source of these mad dogs.
It is sort of weird that his ink pot is on his left hand side, while he is holding his quiver in his right hand.
And I doubt that the man fiddling around with Raziols papers would impress Mr. Huyghen in a positive way. I mean, it can if he would Mr. Hughen would be unaware of his fraud, but he would most likely ask to demonstrate his knowledge by means of a telescope.
I doubt a pistol would be very useful, it only has one shot and takes at least 10 seconds to reload. If there are multiple foes, one might be able to use the pistol butt, but I doubt it would be very effective if they would happen to carry knives. Don't forget, the pistol is inaccurate and he still needs to have the courage to pull the trigger. Depending on the type of pistol, it would be unusable in the rain, if it were a matchlock.
I never heard about doing that.
Skye was a sergeant back on page 45, did he get demoted to corporal, or is the third chevron just out of picture? That aside, I had the impression for the duration of the entire comic, that Miss Blue Hair outranked Skye. Although no rank was explicitly given, her role seemed to be bigger than Skye's, this also is the case when we look at the uniforms when they landed on the SPEAR carrier. So: What would her rank be? Also, why did they leave the safety of the tank? And would Skye's bullet just deflect if he fired?
Meanwhile in the library:
"Blue is the new black! It must not be forgotten that blue accentuates envy!" (Can be seen on page 145 in chapter 5)
"The book you are looking for has a red binding. Have fun finding it." (Can be seen since the start of chapter 5)
"Want to get a top shelf book? Good luck, we don't have any ladders." (Page 145, chapter 5)
And in the mean time I started wondering where that strike of light on his/her face comes from, since he/she is behind a shelf blocking all of the light.
You don't make it easy to come up with something! Last week was too hard (hence why there wasn't any comment), and now this week? I shall find a way!
Moral of the story: Play Whack-a-Raziol to wake somebody up in no time.
It is an annoying phase when you need to pay attention to just about everything. Especially when you know the feelings are not mutual.
Come on, I know you can hit him harder. You do not simply wake somebody up by slapping him with a roll of paper, no, you need to hit him with it. At least, that is what it took to wake me up after falling asleep in a filled studyhall, while sitting next to a friend who did not even notice I was asleep. Until she asked for a pencil... Oh how joyful rolls of paper can be!
I was more interested in how Vanilla did not faint or throw up after seeing them kiss, considering how he hit the brakes last time Jura said he would get laid. I guess the result depends on how Herz reacts.
CROSS rules all, it seems.