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You needn't know much about me.
I count super soldiers among the race of humans, since they supposedly have a human origin. I tend to forget a lot as I move on with webcomics, but I guess that is what happens when you keep tabs of 20 comics.
If we take a completly innocent standing, we are unaware of the gifts Raziol has, if any. Maybe he has gifts such as, be a romantic lover of a necromancer or sleep while your partner is worrying. Let the twists come! It is all about how you intrepret it.
So if they are not humans, what are they?
I suddenly don't like his eyes anymore, I will explain why: Where I thought they looked drowsy, I started thinking they are more indicating his end. Since a Nova is the end of a star's life, and Sulvain's a necromancer, it might indicate his end, preferbly without the explosion. I loved the eyes until I started thinking of this. Or what if Razzio resurrects him after his end, if the eyes do indicate that?... It is possible we have been fooled, and that Sulvain turns out to be the resurrectee and Razzio the resurrector, while being an astromenor? If Sulvain indeed is the resurrectee nearing his end, that might explain why he cannot speak, since his body degrades over time.
I started wondering... Who do other people root for?
I said nothing. Turns out "he" is a "she".
Listen to this person, eh, I mean animal. Do not kill him, you must punish him by cutting all of his hair off.
*All of his comrades start touching his hair out of bafflement*
Comrades will always do the opposite thing of what you want them to do.
The real question is: What was he doing there?
Hmmmm... So, Sulvain's a Necromancer, right? Why didn't he resurrect the person? I mean, in most cases the Necromancer's the resurrector.
Eh, forget what I said on the previous page. Does ORB have drones which execute these suicide orders, or are they actual soldiers?
Oh, the irony! The ambush got ambushed!
Others: "He must be in pain now."
Me: "He still dresses the same. Yep, the nice gloves are there too!"
I expected a scenario equal to the scenario with that child, but I like this one better. Less blood for now, but later on it will be a slaughter for sure.
Are the toes bound together with a string of Sulvains hair? Will the woman be cremated, following Hindu traditions? Why do I have so many questions every time I read one page?
Well then. All we need now is a SAM and the carnage is complete.
... Now,I see why you wanted a Flak, it is so nice to see the effect.
Big tous for a big guy, eh?
I like your theory, honestly, I really do. You thought well about it.
*Why must we suffer?*