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Belgische Aardappel
You needn't know much about me.
He forgot the pinky, that is why he could not enjoy the coffee
I think the small yellow led gives it away, the blue is doing pretty good at covering it up, but not quite good enough.
Oh, how often that happened when I was still biting my nails... Such a small wound, so painful when trying to do anything...
Is this one the same as the previous one? Of is it just me?
Just how smooth can one be?
Scrap that, the other pages got added, now it all makes sense again.
Is this the patient who passed away? I cannot quite remember.
I love how he keeps on thinking "Personal space", but maybe he should actually say that. Some people only get the hint when you say it.
Can somebody please translate this? Or did an incorrect version get uploaded?
What a weird gear stick, or does it look weird because it may be automatic? I am used to manual, so that might explain it.
Yeah, sure, the shop is hidden in plain sight if you will, but the police -will- be all over the magic shop if one starts breaking windows like that. Windows break, sure, but all of them at once? That is too suspicious, even with all of the murders going on. Ready the fires, we are going on a witch hunt.
I am relieved he is just saying "Alright" instead of asking "But why are we leaving if it is safe?".
He did not deny being his sugar daddy though.
And my browser is bugging out, it should have been a reply to Quadrant.
Satisfying in more than one way in that context.
I like his tattoo, it is rather elegant.
Belgische Aardappel
December 7th, 2018
I like where this is going.
I mean 148 and 9. I need sleep lol.
I refer to the stalkings mentioned on page 158/149.
Is this the same man like the man from page 149, who said he would tale a pistol with him to feel more protected? I took very long to go and find this page, but the pistol just had my attention. Now I wonder if he had been stalked before by this creature, or his first stalking actually were human beings following him...