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Hi! I'm Ikualokatl! I hope to bring joy with my comics! I'm open for suggestions.
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Ah, friendship! (It's not gonna last much, is it? :v)
This is gonna get bad...
Alex will be the leader. Of course
Sectonia, picking a fight whenever she can. :P
@Farout656: When making the page, I never realized Wobuffet weight 62.8 lbs./ 28.5 kgs.! O_0
@comercole: kinda? My process is basically drawing sketch over sketch with a hard pencil (which leaves light lines) then ink over it, and finally, erasing the sketches.
Cuz why not?
April 16th, 2019
This is so gay! I love it! keep it up!
@comercole: Well, of course it is! Who doesn't like a free meal?
A car-themed room? that's genius
OwO what's this?
@BudgieGryphon: Oh you know it.
@comercole: Well, that's how it is!
She seems to use her role as much as she can...
Well, that kid certainly runs fast.