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Lance Frost
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@Truefan108: Yes! let's praise a mature Zack
Happy holidays everyone!
@martin25: Hahaha
@Guest: THANK YOU! :D
@Jazmin Zombie: Don't worry, he'll live XD
Since I can't upload various pages in one single update, I'm going to do multiple updates today, enjoy!
@n-g-e: yay hugs!!
@IronDog: Yes! i'm sure he would like that!, but I'm not sure I got what you meant, are you referring to his sexuality?
@IronDog: I think we all need someone who is willing to listen
I'm back!
Well... I still need time to upload the next chapter, but in the meantime I'll give you this little question I got, if you have more you want to ask... go ahead!

I have a ko-fi page!
Lance Frost
October 13th, 2018
@n-g-e: YES!
@Truefan108: Give him hugs!, thats what our boy needs
@Truefan108: mmm nick? I think he's doing great! last time I checked he was kissing a pretty girl
@Guest: they aren't, but he is talking to someone!
@Truefan108: Lots of hugs!
Aaaand that's the end of chapter 5, did you like it?
I'll probably take a week off to write chapter 6 and everything, but in the meantime, do you have some questions? I could do a little Q&A for you guys :D

Thank you so much for following the comic, it means a lot :D
Lance Frost
September 20th, 2018
Children are supposed to be a better version of their parents right? so maybe he's learned from her experience and he is going to do the right choice this time :)