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@Truefan108: They came out really well, right? i'm proud XD
@Travelingpooch: Sorry! I tried to bring a lot of ideas at once, they are just chatting, and Nick is ignoring his ex
@SeasonalDistress: A certain someone who we just discovered, she has a name D:
@Ralend: Hahaha yes indeed!
@Truefan108: But it's only temporary!
@Travelingpooch: Hahahhaahaha
@Travelingpooch: In chapter 6, Brown hair (Zack) admits that he understand Nick (green eyes) does not feel the same way and start overcoming his crush. So he currently has no love interest!
Blondie is his working partner right now!, he's been a bit harsh in the past but now they are in good terms as Zack is not distracted anymore :)
I hope the explanation helps!
@SeasonalDistress: Yeah, I think it's my fault because drawing takes so much time than the updates are kinda slow, so I highly encourage you to re read the series to understand everything that is happening!
@Truefan108: Maybe, although what's-her-name is not important this chapter!
LOVE the fact that he gave Raziol a sign, like he's so important that needs a sign, and Viverette knows the sign as well!

But my question is: does Raziol know the sign?
@Truefan108: He never introduced her XD
@Truefan108: Mmm nop, She's the good girl
@Guest: oh, that's definitely one of the reason, but he really needs to study!
@WindowMaker: Nick, why are you like this??
@Truefan108: She looked like such a nice girl
@Guest: the discovery of the year XD
@Truefan108: yes, but Zack isn't thinking about Nick anymore... or so he said
@Truefan108: Oh yeah, i wouldn't like it that much either, but Nick is just so... flirtatious with everyone