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Lance Frost
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@Truefan108: how far he's come, it's amazing :)
@Truefan108: you go Zack! you have gone so far
@Travelingpooch: Hahahaha let's see :D
@Truefan108: Yes! do at your own time
@Guest: No, no, Denial was the second chapter, he's just not interested in that guy XD
@martin25: A new ship has risen
@Guest: Woah, this.. this is amazing! yep, you're right, I can't lie to you, but let's not make spoilers for the rest ;)
next chapter you'll have a few hints
@SeasonalDistress: It looks like it, doesn't it?
when I wrote this I thought the same thing.
Healthy is a word that really motivates me, I wanted to make this comic as real as I could and Zack accepting himself even though he's not getting the guy he's fallen for.

But no, its the end of the first mayor part of the comic, but it will continue!! :D
@Truefan108: Nick please, don't you see what you're doing????
@Ralend: Yes! he made peace with it :)
@AzrielEver: Thank you! I think it was a glich but I fixed it :)
@Truefan108: Yes! let's praise a mature Zack
Happy holidays everyone!
@martin25: Hahaha
@Guest: THANK YOU! :D
@Jazmin Zombie: Don't worry, he'll live XD
Since I can't upload various pages in one single update, I'm going to do multiple updates today, enjoy!