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aisle;fhvascv;lkasjdfvousvkjhas;dlfk I have an idea for a webcomic that might be semi-decent, but I don't have the equipment/time to do it a;lsvkhapsdoifuakl;vja
@evilnidhogg: ... wow ... just wow
@CatPerson: *sigh* now for a few months without one of my favorite comics
their faces on the last panel are amazing
@Bokutohyea: uh oh
and Wallis is back!
The feels...this is one of the most touching things I've seen in a very long time. keep up the good work!
this comic is too cute
don't worry Vera, my handwriting is much worse
@B37h: yeah sorry I was kind of tired so I commented without thinking
Intensity intensifies (sorry but not really)
Come on mysterious voice! Penguins are OBVIOUSLY superior to parrots!
How is his aim so good.