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@RandomEgg: stupid autocorrect, made me say "off"
@Domine, non nisi Te: just gonna say, that was just one guy, he can't really represent the whole LGBTQ+ community

that probably won't change your opinion and that's fine, but I just wanted to kinda get that out there. in these modern times, all of us can get kind of obsessed with a "single story", as wonderfully stated by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in her Ted Talk if you want the ted talk btw

also im kinda curious about why you came back to this comic if you hate (sorry, not the right word im looking for) the LGBTQ+ community
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i saw the drawer glowing and legit thought it was a portal for a sec

it's not portal is it

and i thought being a musician was hard
@Hjolle: *rubs hands together in an excited manner*
@artofjoe: also that reply was REALLY fast

April 19th, 2019
OK, Debbie's not too bad, just a bit too cautious/resistant to change

she's a pretty good friend (once she starts to accept the whole LGBTQ+ part)
@VadanDrumist: that's why you read the fine print
oh dang i thought for sure it was up
fancy fire
now im paranoid that the owl lamps gonna do something
ok this will sound mean but i'm kinda with jon on this one

i mean, i'd be pretty pissed if my coworker decided to purposefully let a golden opportunity slip through their fingers

but i wouldn't be thaaaat pissed

calm down a bit
what are you talking about that's very good for your health

I think

I hope

I've been doing it a lot and i think im ok, soooo