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@Guest: yeah. sure. 100% with you except for 99% of what you just said.
@Proud Pagan: True. But Christians are supposed to be humane people
What Catperson said in a nutshell
@Uhhh: Private schools can do pretty much anything
@Kalciphoz: sorry for sparking a full on hate war
@Kalciphoz: Sorry. Didn't mean to offend you. Or anyone else. I should shut up now.
Love the art style!
Don't we all love those people who over exaggerate things to catch innocents? Although, that is just my point of view. They could actually be scared for their lives.
@NikuComics: I probably shouldn't've done that though... I mean, I just talked about how Christians should be loving a few comments up... woops
They're freakin' ADORABLE!!!!!!!
@haylE15: Father Quentin is doing something called abusing power, and sadly, it's very very common in this world
@NikuComics: I'll hold him for you
Yeah, but...
@AnOldWolfNamedSteve: But in my case I'm far below even the most average person
I've noticed that you haven't updated for 3 weeks, and just want to make sure you're ok.
@AnOldWolfNamedSteve: Wow, that sounds so interesting! But I didn't understand anything of it. Seriously, you would think having a dad as a doctor along with liking to think deeply would help you understand at least a few medical/psychologist terms, but NOPE!!
yay we're back!
@Hazumirein: Take your time; we can wait :)
Just Wondering...
Just wondering why the updates stopped?
And it's adorable