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This is the most random comic ever and I love it
r.i.p. peaceful date
What gender is Em? I'm a bit confused since her friends say "them"
I feel so sorry for Whisper. Not only has she not been able to steal anything, but now she has to chase a rogue NPC through a storm.
oh wow. man, if the assistant was human this comic would be a lot gorier
Those first two panels of pure awkwardness
at least her NPC is better than mine
"Now 99% Father Free!" XD
'cause that's definitely the best way to get an unwilling person to come out
okaaaaaaaaaaaay then...
@JollySyko : thx!
@evilnidhogg: ... wow ... just wow
@CatPerson: *sigh* now for a few months without one of my favorite comics
their faces on the last panel are amazing