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I like making up crazy stories.
I started wrist tendinitis treatment so I'm going to take a little break from this. Since there are only 2 pages left in this chapter I'll probably slooowly finish them, but I'm going to focus on getting better. Hopefully afterwards I'll be able to draw more efficiently. :)

Thanks for following! <3

(I think in the next page I was finally gonna drop the redhead's name. Jujubee, by the way.)
I hope his head doesn't break. 8D;
Sorry for not updating by yesterday. ;A;!
Well here it is now, last of the trio.
I might be more afraid of her than zombies XDDD
And finally the foot appears...

Starting next week I'll be going back to updating once a week since camp starts. Thanks for the support! <3
Time skip sorta!

Second to last panel, his (╬ ಠ益ಠ) face.
Stay calm...remember your little sister's words, Caylum...

I think I'm going to soft-shade the rest of this. It's more natural for me. ._.

P.S. I love you kuro.

Thank you so much ;A;! <333 You don't know how encouraging that is.
June 13th, 2011
Idk I might have subconsciously pulled from a chase scene or something. owo I hate it when I can't figure out what I'm being reminded of!
It's all the mackerel's fault!

@too lazy lmao
ty ;A;!
Sucks for Caylum. ):
The sign was referencing more of dead body attempts, but it'd be interesting to see you try. :D
An extra page to celebrate school almost ending. *w* I'll be able to update twice a week now during the summer.
And please tell me if you feel the colors are too bright. x.o

Incentive this time is a wip of the cast together in a restaurant. :)
<img src=''>
I'll probably switch to either full-color or black and white in the next chapter. I don't think I can keep second-guessing myself with weird swatches and gradients.
And there is the second of the trio!
Thanks for all the favs, guys! <3
Oh I couldn't really see the sparkles.

I wanna see the siblings duke it out. XD That would be insane.
The amount of detail you put into this is amazing. *w*