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@tiredtait: Yes, it is. That facial expression is when a friend gives you a hand when you most need it
2 pages week
Bonus page on friday
2 pages week
I will try to upload next page before Sunday.
hello there!
quick info:
1) I will try to upload two pages next week, no promises, but stay tuned.
I always tweet when a new page is available, so for instant info follow me on twitter:
@Guest: I miss that thx
Welcome in afterwar
@TiredTait: thx for the feedback It's always welcome
Hey guys,
As you can see I don't have an afterwar comic page for this week. I'm terribly sorry, but I can assure you that it's necessary for the quality of content. Also, I assume that the page will be uploaded normally next week.
@SB01: I got some Long-term treatment, but ya i'm fine. Thx for asking.
Hi guys,
I'm terribly sorry for this page delay, yet I spend the better half of this week in a hospital without access to my computer.
@Catzk3: Yes... I actually was planned to show the entire trial, but start to count. the trial which I prepared took something like 48-52 pages ~ more than a year. So, I decided to cut off less important half of the trial to speed up action. Yet, you Don't worry the second half will be long and detailed enough.
New Chapter!
Good news new chapter is here. I want to heat action up, so expect, not one! but two additional pages this week!
@Casanova: thx again, I definitely need copyreader or something
About Redfang and her... well... status, it will be further explored in the future
@Casanova: thx for point out. I already correct it.
Sorry but, there is no page this week. I had technical issues with my tablet. I will try to make it up and submit two pages next week
Next update
For now, I'll add new page every Monday