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Hey I'm Nekoko!!! It's nice to meet you all. My hobbies are watching anmie, drawing, and sleeping. I don't have an occupation other than sitting on my ass and drawing. I'm not all that interesting, but I hope you enjoy my comic!!!
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    Casey "Nekoko" Baird (soon-to-be Holderman)
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you bitches besta' keep doing this comic or i'll eat your hearts and then your children!!!
i love haruko...
that's a nice picture!!! where did you find it?
me too.
seirously that rocks. i'll put one up too.
i love this comic!!! make more or i will devour your heart and then your children... YES! in THAT order!!!
a one eh? weeeellll... *i* personally think that i don't suck THAT bad, but okay. to each his own...
Blaze is my fieancee's real name. this character is basically him. the upcoming chapter is actually based on how we met too. i use a lot of real life experiences.
i love this comic so much!!!!
it's great!!! keep it up!!!
*rolling on the floor laughing her ass off*
i'm glad you like lil chokey bear!!! your comic is great and i'm looking forward to more updates!!!
after a waffle...
hey chillin' pie!!! great comic!!! i miss icees... cute little warning you have on your site now!!!
as always...
beautiful work!!! i really enjoy your comic. you have such a beautiful wife rhino *tear*
so i'm an idiot!!! cry about it!!!
i love your comic!!! undies rock!!! thanks for your positive feedback!!! it's nice people like you that keep me going!!! *hugs*
for the record...
i'm okay!!! seriously, i thought you'd laugh!!! actually i'm a little impulsive and dumb. i didn't mean to freak y'all out!!! also NO ONE IS SUING ANYONE!!! silly boy!!! *hug* it was a joke!!!
DON'T EVER DRINK WINDEX!!! i got home a few hours ago from the emergency room. why you ask. i drank a bottle of windex. having your stomach pumped sucks. i have an impulsivity prollem.
Editorfu aka Sarafu!!!
sarafu is a dear friend i met in high school. she's smart and pretty and will prolly graduate as class validictorian. she has really nice red hair. and she's an awesome colourer of things!!!
that looked...
ridiclously yummy...
i second frothy's comment
(plus rhino and zar ar DEFINATELY hotter than the person who draws penny arcade <insert little vampire smiley here>)
Yeah, and Blaze'd be pretty cheezed off if he saw this, too...
though i think he'd sell me to rhino for a shark. who could resist a shark!!! i loves da' rhino-pants!!! and appearently you are a lucky man zar if the drawings of your woman are acurate!!!
Thank you one of the losers!!!
i LOVE your avatar, by the by!!! SOOOO CUTE!!!
damn the resizing!!!
Lee says: <insert things you'd say when you're begging for your life here>
Hooded woman says: YES!! The portal is open!!! our greatest ambitions are being fulfilled!!!