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Gotta work before you play man, thanks for doing what you've done tho!
I feel that
August 23rd, 2019
He's got beef with Delpaliamo, or owes him money
August 19th, 2019
@Izai: same
Devon is my new favorite back round character, and Debbie is getting even more likable.
July 18th, 2019
I'm Sorry
the only thing I can think about this hole thing is: "Oh boy it's gonna be sad when he gets killed"
June 19th, 2019
Calling it now, that's going to come true
June 17th, 2019
Before reading the comments: Nice Gavin!
After reading it: Both, it's both it's always both.
@znuff: I'm ready for Colette arc
@Susan: Or Ky's
7;00 Am no sleep
Me seeing theirs a new Rain page: Oh no reading Rain on no sleep this'll be fun
Reading the page: Debbie is the first one to see with her eyes, funny line from Ky, that face, that one (sorry for stating it like this) other trans character,
Me reading the comments: I see we all enjoyed the funny,
Over all: Debbie is rapidly growing to being one of my more liked characters! Wooo glorious
I wounder how they will feel after this
Question to all: How much gay?
I read this and thought: Drew, Drew, Drew, you were doing so well! YOU THEN FUCKED IT UP DREW YOU FUCKED IT UP! Dammit, I was liking Drew too.
What happens on this page really should be stated at some point instead of handled off screen, so this page or it equivalent would have had to happen at some point so it is needed however yes it feels pointless. Show don't tell, thank you for following the golden rule of story telling.
Debbie solid 5th favorite
Yes mostly because of this monologue, I don't have too much to go off of. Anyway I really like Debbie in this moment because she shows two traits that I find are THE BEST HUMAN TRAITS EVER, those to being honesty and the ability to shove any and all feelings or cares or current relationship away to help someone. The second one personally is something that most people struggle with. But I'm glad Debbie was able to choose to try and stop Emily from making a bad decision. I was going to type up something about how happy I am that Debbie is the one doing this until I realized, she's really the only one who CAN do this, I mean Marina might know something Emily's mother but doubtful, and Holly isn't serious enough to really leave a serious impact.
Oh and Jocelyn thank you! really, I want to thank you for all this amazing story writing and really nice drawings.
Seriously you've been one of the major things that have kept me wanting to be an artist.
Ok I'm done now theirs my wall of text see everyone next week and!
April 19th, 2019
THANK YOU DEBBIE FOR BEING A VOICE OF REASON! I personally never disliked Debbie just thought she saw things in the wrong light I'm real glad she' do I say this, she's being Emily's friend again. As bad as that sounds it's really the only way I can describe how I see this.
April 17th, 2019
This Page:
I really like the touch of not hearing her mother's side of the conversation and I don't know if that was the intent but it makes her feel less like a person and more like a force.
The Future:
Now I just fear her mother doing something in the vain of Kellen but much worse, I also really hope Emily can get the courage to run. But will see!
Ok so I just found this today and two things to say 1: I LOVE THIS STYLE, I can't compare how cool it looks to me! and 2: I love this story, the characters, and the lore (I'ma sucker for lore), it just the best!