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Title! :D
I just reread this whole thing and it made me glee. <3 you. So much.
Colorrrr *drools*
Ach, you've cleaned it up so nicely! <3 I guess you and your scanner have made friends now...
October 25th, 2008
Uwah, your people are so cute! I'd like to see you try some backgrounds though, just a suggestion... <3
Oh my god, this page is so beautiful O_O I bow down before your drawing skills *bows*
Eeeeee *fangirls* He looks so happy, dancing like that :3
Oh my, the way you draw people is so lovely. <3 Instafav.
Your character development is amazing... And I hardly ever notice that your backgrounds aren't yours. (Sort of a left-handed compliment, I know, but I couldn't get it to sound better.) Thanks for posting this <3
Hope your scanner thing fixes soon <3 I love Ruki's "OH NOES" face...
That back view is love. (EDIT: oh, and the hair. I like how you changed that.) :3 Doing your own fonts?
I'm so happy to see you updating again <3
Lovely art! I'm surprised nobody has commented yet. I'm curious as to where you're from, though, your English in the first few pages is interesting...
Keep up the good work, I'll keep an eye out for it!
Ah, you accidentally double posted this one.
Well. ... WELL.
Sorry, Maya darling, this must be fate. You'll just have to take your bishounen and go now XD
INSTA-FAV! *runs away*
She's so adooorrrableee....
Well... that's succinct.
Ah, backgrounds <3 You should do this more often...
Paris and his threatening comb are AMAZING. And where'd Frances learn to look so scary? o_O
Maple syrup makes everything better XD
Happy Canada Day!
Poor Meron looks sick... *pets* Someone just injured his innocence.
Oh! A rather suspicious package! Open it, NB-san!