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I am in high school right now. I’m more of the more creative types then athletic. I constantly have weird ass ideas in my head but I haven’t developed the skills to make them a reality. I got the courage to start art from a comic called Watermelon EXO but I am nowhere near publishing anything soon XD
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    Gavin Snow
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@SuperSTEPHEN831: default, ughhhhh I’m salivating it looks so beautifully boring
@lazesummerstone: I never knew that existed until now, let alone that you did it as an 11 year old! The only way I can earn money is by keeping half the change when I’m asked to buy something. XD
@XstikereurekaX: *mind implodes*
@Tim Tom: I completely and utterly agree in every word you just said XD
@lazesummerstone: through life and death. Aww! They should put that in their wedding vowels.

PS I am screwing with ya please don’t ban me somehow XD
@lazesummerstone: I guess it would be worth that much because of the quality but it would still be one hell of a Christmas present.
@lazesummerstone: aw blast, foiled again haha XD
@Pekkakiller555: dude I just looked them up and they are like 2 or 3 thousand dollars. Beauty is pain.
So flicking through the comments of this series so far. You learn that Cayde isn’t just a robot. But he USED to be a human, he has a manhood for some reason, he fought alongside someone from the fallen or something, and he has his own chicken. Dear god what has bungie done XD
@SuperSTEPHEN831: Tis’ but a leg if he doesn’t figure something out XD
@Iron: OMG you didn’t! XD haha what a comment hehe
And yet ANOTHER dumb comment of mine it would be cool if when/if another destiny comes out they captured all of the EXOs including Cayde and then installed chips in them against their will which made them follow the Cabals orders and fight against the normal guardians with their own weapon (the light, which would make the story into a weird pvp). It probably wouldn’t be cool in a game because you couldn’t be an EXO anymore. But it is just an idea that I got from the last sections in this comic in case you would like to use this some day @lazesummerstone but you probably won’t hehe. Though it would be cool to see Cayde and watermelon legitimately evil.
Hehe I remember when I was like 12 or something and destiny hadn’t come out yet but there was gameplay and stuff and I was determined to find something wrong with the game because why not. And I sent bungie a legit complaint about how sparrows (as in the bird) don’t look like the sparrows in game XD

And of course they never replied...
Good job on this part. In my opinion it was how clever this part was that portrayed watermelon to be the comedic yet adorable character he is. Props to you.
this Is just a theory, but the knife in watermelon looks a lot like a hunters knife, and he is a hunter himself I think. so could it be possible that he commuted suicide or something in his previous life? Because that would be really deep and interesting to find out why he would do something like that. But then his reaction was different then it would be if watermelon did. So maybe ‘if’ it was a hunter’s knife he betrayed his own class and was killed for it. Just a thought that is probability totally innacturate but it would be cool if I got it right.
Ahh yas success
@lazesummerstone: haha YES I’m even more excited now
@lazesummerstone I’ve gone through your Watermelon like 6 times and I almost exploded when I found this. Heh sorry for the spam of notifications but I really want ye to know how cool you are to me! ^w^
Haha disabilities into pickup lines? I like it XD
There should be T-Shirts with watermelon quotes on them like this
Omg watermelon looks terrifying when he’s sleeping XD