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Howdy! I'm Izzi, and I'm just generally strange. I really enjoy writing, playing flutes, singing, drawing and painting, watching anime and reading manga, rpgs, reading normal books (normal meaning no pictures . . . they're not really normal), fooling around in photoshop, eyes (giddens, I _LOVE_ eyes), and playing with my BJD, Maeve. I am a Nerdfighter!
November 26th, 2008
Wow . . . This page jump looks worse than I thought. Sorry.
Also, if the big, clunky music player bothers anyone, let me know and I'll get rid of it. This is the song I typically listen to when I draw this, and it was hard to find a place that had it.
November 23rd, 2008
Thanks. ^__^
Tivoli is a girl, but it's supposed to be hard to tell, that's what I'm going for.
As far a schedule, I was hoping to do them once or twice a week, but my life has been a bit hectic. So, I'll try to stay consistent, but there's no guarantees.
Wow, this is the best page I've posted in . . . AGES.
Anyways, the funny will return soon, because though there is some DRAMA there is still some ZANY. Why? Because of Ross mostly.
This page looked so much better until I scanned it. Ugh.
It's supposed to be slightly confusing. It was quite an awkward transition, so I apologize for that.
Sorry, I don't have access to photoshop right now. I'm hoping that now that I've finally reached the point where Aelias and Satsuya have entered that things will pick up speed.
What's this? Horrid coloring AND a day late? Geez, Izzi must have some serious excuse, like her town being under nuclear attack.
Oh, she was just at a first communion and got stuck there because of a tornado, so she had to use her cousin's colored pencils but then she forgot to give Loukas his eyepatch and had to make him one with masking tape?
Wow, Iz. You fail at life.
But thanks for all your comments, I'm working on a page for today!
This page doesn't flow well. =_= I'm working on getting back into shape with this, so please bear with me.
Thanks for comments, patience, and +favs!
I have no excuse, I'm just having issues getting back onto track with this. So this is just me procrastinating.
So, yeah, this page sucks, and tomorrow you'll get one page that kind of sucks and one that's really good.
If you want an explanation for the lateness, here it is: My new computer had a fit or something with my scanner and my scanner busted (the second one now), but my aunt had an extra one she's not using so I'm using that for now.
AAAUUUUGGH. Electronic stuff hates me. Now I'm just waiting for my camera to break.
My computer crashed completely over the weekend, and I just managed to buy a new one last night. The good things? No more computer trouble preventing me from putting up pages. So, this is Tuesday's page, and today's page will be up tomorrow.
Also, Avi den Kanashimi, or anyone else who has a filter that blocks Photobucket images: Sorry it took me so long, but chapter 3 is now up from my computer, and all new pages will be posted first from photobucket, because otherwise the quality sucks, and then I'll reupload them so you can see.
Sorry this took so long, and thanks for reading this!
I, uh, meant to put this up on Sunday. That' how busy I am this week.
So, sorry about this, but I'll resume next week, switching to Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

EDIT: I found a character thingy on my computer, so the character page got updated.
. . .
Sorry Ila looks so weird on this page, and, uh, in case it doesn't make sense, Arla wrote on the eighth question.
Also, I haven't said this in ages:
If the next week goes like this one has, I'll probably switch to a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday update with some double updates in there.
This time it wasn't computer issues it was just me spacing out trying to write an essay on Hitler while watching Monty Python, listening to the Beatles. And I forgot I even had a webcomic. 3_3
So, I finished changing the site's look yesterday and was about to upload this when the power went out. @_@
Today's will be up later, and if I keep having difficulties, I may switch to every-other day updates.
Comments about the slightly-redone page?
This WILL make sense. Just wait.
Yes! Ch.3!
Okay, so Arla looks like she's wearing WAY too much make-up, but I like how it looks. >_<
end of chapter two!
There is an actual page, so if you want to see Lawrence's reaction, go back a page.
Oh, and Tivoli and Loukas are sort-of friends, as you'll soon find out.
Wow, Lawrence didn't freak out yet still manages to look scary. @_@
However will Lawrence receive the news?! *le gasp*
Otherwise, I don't have much to say. I'm not late or anything. YES!