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I spy with my little eye, A ONE-EYED HEDGEHOG!!!!!!!

Also glad to know Nikol is out of jail.
So, the Cataclismo guy was just an actor and the guards have no idea. They should've been told if the robbery was staged.
Yep. Looks like the ref is extremely upset with Rose's opponent.
I hope Rose isn't dead. If she is, then the guy who killed her would've been disqualified, and Willa would automatically be the victor.
@chu: You're right. He should be disqualified.
Oh God! He's actually killing Rose! What is he thinking?
Hang on. Where does it say in the official rulebook for commentators to accept bribes from a peasant?
YES! Alright Rose! I knew she would beat that beetle person. Also, the bottom of her shoe looks like a drumstick. :P
Is it just me, or has Rose been watching Sailor Moon?
Don't blame the dog, blame the bird.
Remind me again why he was thrown into the closet in the first place, I mean wasn't he hired to protect a necklace?
Wait a minute, if that's not Nikol in the ring, then who is it?
I knew this was gonna happen. Chloe couldn't handle the distractions.
Hey, I'm a Southpaw
@Snurple-the-Hedgehog: I don't think that's it. From what I've seen, they hit each other at the same time. Even if Willa got hit before she landed her hit, she couldn't have reacted quick enough to avoid the rule violation.
Did I miss something? I don't see anyone breaking the rules.
Watch out Willa! She's dangerous!