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drawing, pokemon, the paranormal, dinosaurs, bones, and cats
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@Truefan108: Ahahah he's just out there living his best life
it was ... a short battle
@Pawsomenss: thank you so much! your kind comments mean so much! i'm glad you're enjoying it <3
big hoot! big hoot!!
buffer pages are wonderful and so are you!! i'm lovin' your nuzlocke so far!
I'm baaaack!!! I bet you guys thought you were gonna get ACtual background work didn't you? Anyway, thank you for being so patient, life is hard but we keep moving forward! Enjoy the new page and the next pages to come! What's Cillian's DEAL anyway?
i love how expressive everyone is!!
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: I'm so glad you're enjoying it so far!!! Thank you for the kind comment!
@J-Ecstas: Thank you! Martin would appreciate the compliment
@Truefan108: He pretty much snuck up on me in game too, and I was pleasantly surprised!
@Kadew: Daisy is so precious to me! I never knew that a Bellsprout could bring me so much joy!
@Pawsomenss: Next time, finger guns, just for you!
I love the pacing of your pages, you've got the beats down solid!! And Dalinar is adorable as hell
@Meta-Akira: honestly, the team i had on this run has been my favorite team ever <3
@Kadew: oh man thank you so much for your kind comment!! i'm really glad you're enjoying it and i'm a big fan of your comic as well <3
@Guest: very soon! Probably within the next week or so!
@mrjacob77: thank you! i'm glad you're enjoying it so far
@ZSnazzy: lol definitely up for mom of the year