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I am the top art instructor at Udemy with over 30,000 students, and best selling author of Bending Nature: a new kind of vampire novel, made with my wife Samantha Stone.

I am also the best selling author of How to Draw Awesome Figures.

Years ago I started on a graphic novel End of All. It sits at page 84 right now. I realized that converting a novel into a graphic novel makes for too long of a graphic novel, so with Aditi Reborn, I wrote a screenplay first. The graphic novel is based on that, and will be about 120 pages when finished. It is almost finished.

I have too many hobbies: Teaching art, watercolor, painting, drawing, digital art, Jiu JItsu, Boxing, drums, writing, reading, movies, video games, game designer, and more.

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    Neil Fontaine
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Eto find's it impossible for the man to vanish.
Sorry for being a few days late.
Eto has a bit of a fear of heights.
Sorry, got busy.
Last update was 3 weeks ago, though.
Sorry, the pages are finished, I just got busy and forgot to update the auto post. I usually upload 4 pages at a time each month.
Thank you
Thanks. I fixed the double post of page 7 and I just uploaded the new page. I forgot to update. I usually upload 3 or 4 pages at a time so that they auto post.
all pages
all the pages are there now. :)
Aditi Reborn p17
Working now
Page 13 is now working
Something went wrong with the order pages were released. Need to fix this
If such a thing existed here, I think he could afford it. Funny comment, though. Thanks
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