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This is the first actual new page of this comic. Unfortunately, I got lazy with backgrounds, and hands I still cannot draw for my life.

The cheese time blurb is from a song a schoolmate of mine (Cy Tamura) made. It's called "Chiz time". It really stuck to me, and I thought I just HAD to put it in a comic somewhere.
I find this slightly better than the last page, partly because I found out a slightly different way to color.

I don't think I would want to write for news again.
Here it is, the actual first page. A little crappy, if you ask me.

If you're wondering what a confuburger is, it's a burger that is usually random and non-burger in flavor. People who get actual burger-flavored burgers are lucky. (Hm, kinda like those jelly beans with the numerous flavors... You know what those are.)
December 30th, 2010
Heck yay! First page!

You might be wondering why I put a dictionary definition... It might be boring and stuff, but these are what "fuel" this comic. I pick three random words from the dictionary starting with the letters m, o, and b and make a chapter out of them.

For this unofficial first chapter, I will just use one word, and that is mob.

Definitions are and will be taken from Collins Dictionary & Thesaurus International Edition (2005) unless otherwise specified. I also have a Webster dictionary, but for some odd reason I want to use a dictionary that leans toward British English.
December 30th, 2010
hello again and happy new year
Yay, so I'm somewhat returning to Smackjeeves... I really wanted to put this comic here, but got too busy with other sites. Hehehe...

Anyway, happy New Year! I plan to start it with a semi-well-thought out comic to be hopefully updated every Saturday. This is actually supposed to be a way for me to get rid of a creative block, but there. =^_^=
April 10th, 2008
selenaloong: o_O What egg?! Oh well... You'll see what it does when I put up the other pages. Oh, and thanks for the comment!
Nice! I want to be able to color like that too! =^_^=

As usual, your art is gorgeous!
Why is it that it will be the last time...? TT~TT *must read...*

I like the suddenly appearing black cat! =^_^=
lol, those last two panels were funny!

And yes, I guess Gerard was pretty easy to draw in the last panel... =^_^=
Okay, I'll try to remember the name Henrich... (I really have a hard time remembering stuff... =^_^=)

I wonder what happened to Alexan...

Your art is good! =^_^=
to hitokaji: No, not really... I can't speak Chinese, only understand it a itty little bit, and I'm not really at a conversational level in Japanese...

Oh, and by the way, I am really liking Gerard and the history teacher whose name I keep forgetting!
Me too, Anfitere, me too...
Wow... =^_^=

Well, I guess I can't communicate with you in a language other than English then... I only know Filipino, English, some Japanese, and a wee little bit of Fukien Chinese... XD

Hmm, maybe I'll try learning Thai someday... :D Yay, linguistics is getting interesting...!

Anyway, your art is really great! Keep it up! =^_^=
March 12th, 2008
Hehe. Sure!
No, not really! Well, at least I'm not annoyed...

The history teacher is really cute and seems to be really nice... =^_^=

Hahaha! It seems that Gerard and his buddy have finished their shopping!

The art is very nice... I'll be faving it.

*just curious... What language are you most used to speaking? Hope you'll reply.*
The last panel is pretty cute with all those chibi!
He has DARK BROWN hair?!?! Until I read this, I thought it was black...

I like his eyes... hehe... =^_^=
Hmm, now I see more History teacher goodness!
Wee! Gerard smiles!

Oh, and the shopping list was really funny! =^_^=
to Amphitere: I agree with you... Sagittarians like to tease a lot... (Wahaha! I got teased a lot by Sagittarians. I don't know why. *me am an Aquarian*) =^_^=