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A Midnight gamer whom likes anime,games & Pokemon comic.
But all the games I play are mostly free games...
(Aka: Roblox, Maplestory.)
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And the "Virus" Fades off as SolarFlare woke up from his dream. (Ok, I should seriously remember the name for "That" Eevee or I might be rude calling it "The Virus" everytime I see it.) Can someone tell me the name xD I kinda keep forgetting the name.
Where is the Warp seed when you needed them.... also hopefully the real guild members comes and rescue them...
My respond as well, "Oh Krap"... well, guess that got backfired.
Badass stance from Jake there xD
Oh neat art style xD backstory of the 'virus' SolarFlare is having... hmm... let's hope it will never activate again... and let's hope he does not need to use it as well.. (hope I don't ever jinx it for future referance)
Welp, illusions are a hell load of a drug.
Operation to boys room is a go. Green Alert, it's a go. (I wonder what would speedy react now xD) no wait. It's SolarFlare that I wanna see the reaction xD
Relaxation... he does really need one after those adventure he had... now where is that Victini, she needs them as well.
Wait.. another cliffhanger.. I should really disappear for awhile... hmm (deactivate wifi)
.... it's 2am.. and I am fan-boying this comic while Everyone is asleep... crap
The art style is too cute. No wait..

The Last commenter
Well it was a fun ride.. love this series even though it was a cliffhanger.. May they be in our hearts. As we make our own stories to see how it would unfold.

To the creator of this comic,
If it is possible, may you post the story about this comic u were trying to make. Like on some story posting website? Maybe.. it would be worth the while as others might help and resume your comic that way while crediting your work.
Me while I was reading the last slide:"Alright,here is the plan.... wait what's the plan.. wait is this a cliffhanger. OH COME On!"
Leaf-Flare ship is on the go. (Sorry for hyping around.)
Tsundera Glaceon activated at the last slide xD
Plays "Panic at disco; This is Gospel "
Hmm, maybe, imaginary friend.. maybe they might show it in the future.
...( I have just woke up and was confused if I was seeing a Glaceon over a Glaceon or was it a Glaceon fused with a Glaceon on that panel. But I ma take my chances and say it's a Glaceon carrying a Glaceon..) <don't mind my rumble, wasn't fully awake.