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A Midnight gamer whom likes anime,games & Pokemon comic.
But all the games I play are mostly free games...
(Aka: Roblox, Maplestory.)
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Either Leafy or that Espeon... the last one that would stop them could be one of the adults there.
OH CHEESUS! She's gonna Suplex him xD well at least someone stopped them. But I wonder who.. SolarFlare? Nah, the kids? I doubt. Vap or Silvia? Nah I think they will just be watching at the side line. I ma bet it's Leafy... maybe.
... perfect pair ...
(One unable to swim, another hates the sun)
Press F to Pay Respect
Rip wally. We always beat him at Victory Road. Always love Wally for his determination. But we kinda break his spirit after winning him.
At least that Scraggy is now doing a T-pose at the last part xD *Dab*
Well, Focus palm... base stats 60.. +1.5 because same type... I ma say that 'That' scraggy is gonna get hurt alot even if it was a Bold nature that's +10% extra to it's bulky stats... it's still gonna hurt.
Wally is being Cra-Cra...
Aww. Cute times are sweet... let's hope I don't die from suger rush.
Well... I feel that wally is jumping the gun on winning the Elite 4 league.
(Aka Triggered)
... I wish she had learned Overheat at least for this situation...
Well...I guess it's spy time...

(was about to say typical girls that are not timid but always wanted to do stuff that they have never done... adamant I guess?)
*renaming SolarFlare into SolarFluff*
FLUFF!!!! THAT FLUFF!!! That's extremely cute xD
When I saw Victini (Flashback of PMD:Victory Fire) that's scared me for a sec.

[am traumatized by That other Victini on Victory Fire]

But I ma guess Victini might be one of Speedy's old ally when he was an explorer?
*Facepalm* Again?... are you serious? *Sigh* Jake, do me a favour. And capture the Zoroak without being in danger... Or At Least bring a petrify orb... if possible, bring a Reviser seed just for Kiln.
That's an unfortunate ending. For now that is. Welp, will be looking forward for the next chapter ^_^
Melting points... true, but.
If there are some slugma or some magmar, that will do the job just fine. Like really fine.
Espy is feeling regret. *you can feel sins crawling on your back* (gonna hint it out that espy and Sylv body swapped) it's a theory to me.
*Paf* ... paf?