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A Midnight gamer whom likes anime,games & Pokemon comic.
But all the games I play are mostly free games...
(Aka: Roblox, Maplestory.)
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I just saw how sunshine just took a few steps back away before silvia doea the pound.
When in doubt, punch it out.
I mean, it wasnt fated, but its the safest. Since 1 needs to control on his power, and another need to learn move to aid the other.
Welp. Guess the boss timer ended. Back to dwelling back to the shadow for more puns.
It was a heated battle.
Welp. Thats an, armputated joke. .. ok thats a horrible one.
An example
(Plays Asgore theme then slowly plays Megalovania theme in the background)
*Slowly plays boss stage theme, adding in a 2nd unique boss stage theme for the Anti-Boss(aka SolarFlare)*
Cute. Hmm... i wonder...
Hm.. the truth is the lie as the lie reveals truth.
That dumbass listen* for that few minutes.
Hmm... welp. I cant blame much of the situation.
In the future
Be fully prepared for a milotic.

Physical moves on milotic is better then a non-stab thunder what will miss.
Mycaelis Win.
Flawless victory.
Hope those lil'zorua didnt saw their mama in this state ... its gonna be nightmare fuel.

Mother turned monster
What i think in my mind of what RE7 means.

She is not feeling well she is most definitely not.. i dont like where this is going. But i am partly scared right now...

(Massively pressing 'esc' button)
Welp... Jake, please hope your Focus Palm deals a finishing blow on her. Or at least destroy all of her crystalized cells.
I feel like MK Scorpion is here.
I say,Its getting hot in here. Now Run while u still can rebels. The Inferno of flames wait for nobody.
Well... at least we are having a good montage of him winning the battles. Pretty sure around the mid point, it would go down hill soon.