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A Midnight gamer whom likes anime,games & Pokemon comic.
But all the games I play are mostly free games...
(Aka: Roblox, Maplestory.)
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Died laughing
I lost shiz after my prediction of how dustox wasn't show much love from 100 of pages ago xD
Welp, turns out, it's a sceptile xD no Lugia over here (so much for those theories everyone)
I have some bad feelings
One. Maybe it's just me..
But I have a feeling that might had summoned either Dalgia or Arceus..

Two. Is it me or is Hoopa a Legendary... as he is able to speak 'God' words with no consequences.

3. Well, at least the world MIGHT be fixed, Yeah! Jen! ... now where's the part to home?
@pixlblox9099 the Jolteon
No need to get triggered. Anyway, do be friendly with the comment. See ya in future chapters.
Welp, sticking to this part of the series. (And welp, guess the cat is out of the hat for Speedy/Jolteon. Seems like he is gonna have a bad time by Vaporeon in due time)
Oh come on @JolteonIsDaBest, Why do u have to spoil us that way..
(Hmpt, Baka).
Nvm your still a guest.. of are you...
Well @pixlblox9089 the Jolteon. Finally u made an account. We are proud of you to contribute.
Neat'o, a dojo ontop of them torturing stairs...
Well I never thought.
I thought who might be the main Villain but now I kinda have a theory.

If I am right, Victini is down for the count right now, but a Shadow Hoopa... maybe. And Hoopa has a Leash on Boss Kitty.

And if I'm right, Hoopa wants to use Boss Kitty on something / Someone. Could this mean that Hoopa objective is to attack Arcrus? ... this is gonna go extremely bad if this is the case..
.... how does Kiln knows about elevator... but aside that... they should added a much easier way to go up then stairs... hopefully going down is easier..
Don't worry, I don't mean it. But thanks for tell me a new part is out ^_^
....... (no comment, someone had done flash)
.... I hate you... (why did u spoil me ;-; ... what had i done to receive them spoilers) @JolteonIsBae
I have no comment, my feeling is like (kill me... Sylveon, u dimshiz, u had to say that... welp I'm out!)

[Tell me when the next part is out; I am very looking forward for this]
...... Neat. Looking forward for the next part xD
.... it's midnight... should I say Good Night or Good day?
Oh come on...
Victini... choose the path of genocide...

Sigh, karma hit her like a rock... (cos she blast Mewtwo to a rock at one point while they were fighting each other)

Rip main villian... actually I ma be rude and say, she deserve it. (Not really, she was sadly program in a way to think she is doing something good for her creator with this messed up mindset of her's)