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A Midnight gamer whom likes anime,games & Pokemon comic.
But all the games I play are mostly free games...
(Aka: Roblox, Maplestory.)
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Is this hinting that there would be a Mewpunny Ship? ( Just curious of how other fan art might contribute this xD )

But great art style ^_^ looking forward on what's gonna happen next time... (also, since Victini seems to be alive still.. or not.. who knows, only the author know xD)
@Gold The Umbreon
Oh... so is it still legal to ship them?... (please don't arrest me)
@Tyler The Shiny Eevee
........ well now u are noticed .....
...... also neat art.

(Background:"He need some milk!")
Hmm.... so, the fairy aura of the Crystal isn't killing him slowly except making his power in a fusion... now.. would the Crystal sink into Jake/Jack and be a part of his evolution? Maybe Steel Fight but able to use Stone edge and MoonBlast with the combination of Aura Sphere and .... bone... rush...
@The fallen evee
Your not alone... not yet anyway
@SolarFlare .... well.. I was rambling of just shipping Sunshine and Alec... no worries.. it's just mind-fing people instead.. and I can't delete the comment as I am on mobile...
Stage one of ship have sailed, le-... wait they are cousins.... ah.. that bad, U-turn, U-turn. Nope nope nope, no incest al- but wait... it doesn't mean they are cousins if they ain't considered the same.... parent... to ship, Or not to ship...

Also this has been very enjoyable xD it's been awhile since I had read the comic again.
...... I have no disagreement on that... but at least stay away from making a Yuri ship... I have enough of them.. that includes a certain Buko anime. Which I regretted...
Rip... first the dummy then jake's pocket money... there goes his.. pokedollars flying of from property damage
.... *Looks at my own OC* ... I'm screwed from that...

Also RIP Dummy, he lived a dummy life
Also, permission to ship both Eevee? Alec and Sunshine?
I have to agree with ya, everyone have their limitation, we will be patient and let u have your time thinking and creating your comic. It's like art, u don't rush art to be perfect, rather take time to make.
You don't rush stories as the faster you rush, the more gaps and missing information will be lingering around, making people confuse.
Finally xD
They have United and the world is Save, Hurray! .... but Victini.. and Hoopa... where did they went?
@Ngamer01 ... Maybe I guess.. (also neat theory u have there) could be true, but we shall see the next part in the future xD
Huh... well that was slightly weird for lazuli... leaving of the scene like that...
I'm not late xD yes.. I guess?
Hey, at least Boss Kitty did not Want Kamahama Ha on Darkria (Focus Miss)
@Daniel ... there's an odd one out from 17 eeveelution...
All aboard!!!
*Place sign* "Do not disturb.. Shipping in progress..."