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A Midnight gamer whom likes anime,games & Pokemon comic.
But all the games I play are mostly free games...
(Aka: Roblox, Maplestory.)
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Feels familiar
It's either she went back to the past that she first arrived..

Or she is in a Parallel Universe... frozen in time... with chaos has been caused...

Let's hope that ball of globe.. thingy is near by or else she would have lost it.. if possible, regroup with the team... my instinct is telling me that Gengar might be having some... trouble...
Sawsbuck? ... no... Stantler... maybe?

Lugia.. possible... can't really get which is that Pokemon on the right...
Early bird.

Welp, into the Abyss I guess...
Hope nothing pop up... like a hot headed Child with the letter V on its forehead.

Forgotten to mention, Happy Chinese New year everyone.
Wish to hug everyone in this comic.. but,
1. Drexel is too gooey
2. Kiln will torch me
3. Sandslash... Welp gonna get pricked or slashed.
@ Shotgun Chuck

I found you again, but this time down at the bottom... huh... but yaa... (this is like an Easter egg hunt finding the parts where you type long statements of a comic part.)
The sensation of Dread crawls down my spine.

Twilight is shining down them. The End is near.

I hope nothing is in ablaze at the later parts.. just hoping...

Also it's Ash Wednesday, So the Irony would be that the area they are going is gonna be in ashes... hopefully I don't Jinx it...
@Shotgun Chuck

Well found ya again...
And those theories are fun to read around XD.
@Shotgun Chuck

EEeeyyyy, Minecraft logic.
(Still re-reading.) Currently 2am.
@Shotgun Chuck ,

You wasted 2 minutes of my time reading your rant on your prediction... I was wondering who in anyone's mind would type down more then 200 words. And I nearly forgot that it was you...

(Am re-reading the comic but this time, reading the comment)
Hmm, I wonder if that Goodra seen those 2 (aka Slowking and Dartrix .. spelled the wrong Pokemon I think...) [please clarify my error]
@Shotgun Chuck

I just realised , I saw your username at PMD Explorers of Heart.. (sadly,I have a feeling that comic will be stuck there for now)
Welp, guess I missed some parts.. was this just updated? ...

Also, more... shipping? (Jk please dont.. I ma get diabetes if this comic gets any more sweeter with ships sailing)
@Shotgun Chuck

Welll... I did not read all, but I did catch up with the series in one day (took me at least 14-16 hours to read the whole series to 500+ page.)

By now I need my rest... (Did an overnighter after that to resume the rest)

But that comment was the first long comment I went and check.

That's... is still... nvm. I can't blame ya XD. (Did not report as copyright)
Well... I'm screwed ain't I.... (Looks at your profile pic) .... nvm... so everyone is an OTP except for Sylveon (Play-Girl) and Eevee (The Innocent)

[P.S I actually forgotten I made that assumption.. but I also did read the whole comic and still waiting for the next.. hope they did update. Last checked, Jan 2018]
Also, for your info, I used the word Play-Girl as in like Playboy (aka womanizer but the female version) ... hope you get the idea.

That just made my heart ache, cos I always ask that question to myself.
2nd comment... I am early XD

That 4th panel. That's the most calming death threat I ever heard as well.
Well played mewtwo
@Black Spiderman

Thanks, I ma find that app.

Welp, I forgotten that diary entry for I had not played Fire red for a very long time x_x

Since the time my gameboy got eaten by my dog.. the only thing salvageable was my cataract Ruby and Sapphire...

I really need to replay old games again... And maybe take some notes/Easter eggs..

Today is Mewtwo's birthday?... I did not know that... was it because the anime movie of mewtwo was aired today?