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I love listening to music and love anything mystery dungeon related.
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@I Don't Know My Name But I Like : uh... i dont think you know how long that would take. Also you should just respect his decision
Comic ded
I dont mean because he hasnt posted in awhile, he canceled it. In fact he tried to delete it but some problems with smackjeeves came up and he couldn't
So thats how they know elysium
But King K Rool over walluigi in smash wtf Nintendo
Sadly I just found out that he posted something on his devianart that he has discontinued the bonds of hope comic, but he may post the rest of the story on his devianart. EDIT-from what I understand he said that he may make a completely new pmd comic but that's it
Jesus this comment section iso the embodiment of the Internet not wanting others opinions (also there are so many pokemon idek who is who or what they are doing in this comic anymore)
@pixlyJolt: it a joke from a game *13th struggle intensifies*
Wait so is that a z-move now
Oh no! That wasn't supposed to happen
Your back, I honestly don't care if it looks wierd, but I just enjoy the story the most
Looks like confused pepe
Yes literally everyone who has played super mystery dungeon knows what that scarf is and does.
The suspense is killing me
They look great, hopefully you can keeping it going
I like the idea so far but I noticed some typos on the smackjeeves page so I made some corrections (I didn't know where else to post this)
The situation couldn't* be more disturbing for our protagonist Gaid. Without memories*, without a clue where she even is and to top it all turned into a Pokemon, she now has to find her way leading towards her decisive destiny.