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Full time student, part time artist, always hungry. Likes gold decor, wings, and smoke & poison.
My cat is named after a mouse.
@angryskitty: i've been waiting for this moment ever since i wrote this years ago xD
happy holidays everyone!! this'll be it until january so stay tuned!

also those things by Nell's feet were supposed to be "tracks" left behind by Toby, but we can also just call them food scraps bc babies are messy eaters.
Nell's actually a pretty good baker! Since it's the holiday season I'm uploading my pages a bit more frequently this month until Christmas, then I'll try to resume again in January! My update schedule is wack but we'll keep trekking on ;v;
Toby's a growing boy! He needs his daily nutrients ;v;

Hiya~ I've been busy with my thesis so this page isn't the most polished. Hope everyone enjoys Silver and Toby's appearance again! Cherrygrove used to be a small port town, with a wilder history than most would think, but those were the bygone days. Nowadays most locals tend to keep to themselves for the most part.
tada~ i finally finished this doozy of a page, there were a lot of things going on that i had to condense into this page but i think i managed it well~ i really had fun with the colors on this one, particularly how to go from sunset to dusk from the first to last panel. i'm honestly surprised it didn't turn into rainbow vomit, i threw on so many colors (with flux on ahaha).

little side notes:
- i wanted to play around with the battle system in my story a little bit, since imo all battles/encounters can be won in a way but they don't have to be fought. don't worry, there'll be more interesting and action-y fights later on (when i've figured that out lmao)
- yes his eye is like that, i wanted to add a scar too but that seemed to much. he can still see! just not very clearly, its a permanent squint.
- i wanted him and the pidgey to look more scrawny and ragged to show that there isn't much food left in the wild (due to a ripple effect from the the conflicts in the north from the past decade) hence the desperateness the pidgey displayed. they ended up being more round and rotund as i kept drawing lol.
- you'll also notice that pidgey from this and the last page are a bit different than the ones from Nell's ranch, i wanted to differentiate these wild ones from the domesticated breeds that tend to rounder, have shorter beaks, and smoother head crests.
update time!~ sorry it's been slow but i'm still kicking! it's time for the lil guys to shine now don't you think? and by shine, i mean it's time to fire up the night ;D I'm excited to finally introduce some new characters this chapter!! Our newest addition to the team will be formally introduced next update so for now, why don't you take a guess on who it'll be?
AAAAAA i'm back guys!~ Vacation was great but then the summer killed me ;v; sorry for the late return, i meant to get this done earlier but job hunting and other stuff got in the way D; i decided to go back and make mini chapter covers so feel free to go back a few pages and check out the other cover out!

the first page of ch2 is dropping tomorrow and then we'll be returning to my bi-monthly schedule again :0 stay tuned~
As the Kanto Regime reigns on, forces will rise and cinders fly in the wind.
I've been wanting to make a nuzlocke comic for years now and i'm finally starting!~ I figured a fancomic like this would be less pressure and more fun, so this is more or less a practice comic as well as an experimental ground for all my favorite genres like historical and intrigue. (not that there's much intrigue yet but i'm planning on some stuff for late game~) ANYWHO I hope you enjoy this passion project of mine!!

- Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead, and therefore permaboxed in Nirvana.
- First encounter, first catch. Dupes Clause - If first pokemon encountered is one caught before, you have 2 more chances to get something different.
- Use the same amount of pokemon as the opponent during a Gym/rival battle
- No healing items except natural ones like berries or pokemon centers (none during gym battles).
- Shiny clause - SEE SHINY CATCH SHINY
- If a pokemon is poisoned (1hp) then it's dead. Also if it's a near death experience (1-5hp) count that in as story purpose
end of ch 1
And that wraps up chapter 1! Thanks for keeping up with Nell's journey <3 I'm going to be taking a 6 week haitus and return mid-June as I'm going to be on vacation and also build a buffer for the next chapter. I'll try to keep everyone updated as new things will be in store when I return~

Note: Nell's father's name 蓝伝 彩娜 is read vertically left to right (East Asian style) and is a rough Chinese/Japanese translation of 'Aiden Ayana'. 蓝伝 is the Kanji translation of 'Aiden' but in Chinese means "blue dragonfly'. 彩娜 in Japanese translates to 彩 (aya) meaning "colour", and 娜 (na) meaning "elegant, graceful, delicate". Obviously I put waaay too much time and effort into the name of a dead man.
@Mystic Fire: haha you'd get along with Nell's Mum then xD
apologies for being late!! i'm entering the last run of my semester so that means a lot of final projects due OTL i had to look up old traditional kitchens for this and wow there was like no info anywhere (or maybe i'm bad at researaching lmao) but i did find a cool article about clay kitchens and the cross cultural trade of kitchen design?? anyways hope you enjoy some mother-daughter time with Nell!
@Mystic Fire: you'll see ;)
@megamario1392: oh man, thanks so much! i'm glad you're looking forward to more, i'm working hard to getting even better!
@ShadowStalker1128: aaah thank you!!
@DiabolicalDaisy: omg thanks for catching that! he's actually eating the candy Nell gave him, I'll fix it now~
Thank you so much! I feel like different dialects have different flavors, like whether you sound more rich or poor or pompous vs dull, so I try to add dialect as a way to help show both the character and their environment/region. Plus it's fun!
@Mystic Fire: Yeah! Her accent is based on a slight working class British accent.
@Mystic Fire: oh gosh thank you! i'm glad you're enjoying the comic so far!
@DiabolicalDaisy: Thank you so much!
~pitter patter rattata attacker~