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Ima Fishtick
Haha Im a idiot

Nicknames: Fishy, Fishtick
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Ace Pansexual
Timezone: CST (UTC+8)
Bday: June 22th (6/22)
Zodiac Sign: Cancer ♋️

Credit to Pokefarm Q for my Profile picture!
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    Hamiltrash Much?!
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I didn’t kill anyone damn it
Its like my profile picture lmao
I didn’t need a life anyways uwu
I will chase the Rainbow
*insert that Skittle ad here*
@pixlyJolt: ohmyfreakinggodthealttext
Hamiltrash Fishtick has joined the chat go to 1:42 Go to 1:42
Whatcha username?
M Hamiltrash ass won’t stop yelling about it so that’s wh they’re both related to Hamilton.But what the heck x3
Oh god no
@pixlyJolt: don’t question Mid
Ahh I was experimenting poses and I referenced off something.
Alexander Hamilton as a panther..with galactic-violet eyes?Is that possible for a panther to have violet eyes?
Yay Lafayette is cool as a fox.

(Lmao dont read the alt text)
5 feet?I dunno how much exactly
It haunts me because I wanna make it lineless now
@pixlyJolt: why did you say ‘Male’?Is he trans?