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Video games, yaoi, all kinds of manga & random other things
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Just when you thought they couldn't be more chibi - Ha!
So I saw your post at and am just letting you know that's where I got the link. I too am . . . yog hmoob. So far the comic looks good. I'll keep you on my watch list.
like . . .
Their eyes are still soo huge.
Thanks Kyo chan for commenting. I'm glad that you find it cute.
So yeah
My tablet isn't fixed yet. I'm currently working with a really small and old one that I've had for ages. Lines aren't perfect - I didn't have much time either but I got tired of doing nothing.
Well this one was even more simplified then the last. I hope you all still enjoy it.
Sharing is Caring!

Notice the chibis are getting more and more simple and also the monotone comic. I just don't have the time to color.
you see
And that whole arc led up to this final joke at the end there. Implied dirtiness. It was funny when I first thought it up - I can't say the same now.
Asano needs help. Huh I didn't mean for this to happen - really
Thanks Reme

I give it my best.
Yep me too Kurisu-chan

The idea came to me after watching Base Ball anime - hehee
Yep you Bet Galinda!

Kisshu is just soo cute. HUG of death - anyways - some people have told me that this comic was shota and um well I guess.. . but it's just shota-ai? Well nothings happened yet - er (lost train of thought)
A change in coloring style again. Coloring like the previous comic took too much time. I'm trying to find the quickest and best way without going down in quality.

My sister Yasu says she likes this style better.
what happened here?
Thanks Galinda - and yes he is uke

Also I want to mention that this was a new turning point for me. I created new characters and this time they acually had names.

We'll see . . .
Thanks SilverTifa and Galinda - for commenting

I'm not good with dialog so this comic proved to be perfect for me. It's sort of a oneshot.
my thoughts
I created this comic quickly - I hadn't drawn Kawai Love for a while and wanted to get started on it again. This was just a rough sketch.

I thought I'd post it here so that everyone can see what my unfinished drawings look like - eh
Comic tones
Thank you TokyoD

Well I was trying out comic tones with this one. Followed a tutorial but in the end I didn't like how it turned out at all.
Trying out stuff
I was trying out a new kind of style with this comic. I was still just playing around with the look and feel of it.
A special Comic
This was the very first Kawai Love comic I created back in the day. I was just sitting around with nothing else to do.
like it
Just read your comic - it's very addictive! I really want to hug all your characters to death.