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Hi! I’m a crappy artist and love anime and Pokémon. I will probably have a webcomic here, but don’t even upload much -_-
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@Nintenduck: You have answered all of my questions.
You forgot Night's ring on hus forehead in panel 16
Night wuvs Dusk~
@Dawn: Sora isnt anywhere near here.
@Guest: Vay, Bolt, and Flame all have color changing eyes, too.
Vay's turn a lighter shade of blue when someone is being nice to him.
Flame's eyes turn a lighter shade of orange when he goes slightly invisible.
Bolt's eyes turn red an blue when he talks to the Troll and the Wimp.

Your welcome ^^
@cherryleafeon: Becase Dusk messed up with his tail. Pinkeevee literally mentioned this in the comment section.
@NegitiveZero: the trainer revieved Harmony as a gift. Soon she stsrted to breed Harmony with Rick the buneary, and then switched him with one of her kits.

Pinkeevee mentioned this before, i forgot when and where...?
Baby night is so cute OwO
@Nintenduck: that explains so many things
@EEVEES!!!: well there is in discord -

But i cannot reveal anything~
@cameron: check the home page
@Nahbro: It's kinda funny how you curse. Just sayin'. Plus, I'm pretty sure Pinkeevee is gonna ban you for cursing in front of children. I know they will one day but there's still no reason to let them learn now. "Yeah, I LIVE on the internet!" "Oh, ths question is dumb, and her name is dumb, so im gonna make a rant!" That doesnt change anything. Pinkeevee is also allowed to make comics about pokemon lol. Seriously, I have seen much worse comics (no offense) and you chose to go against someone's comic who has over a 1000 people against you. I can't stop laughing, lol. Your are really pathetic.
No wonder he move from his room to the roof.
He didn't wanna poison his friends. No wonder he hates being an Umbreon.
I should have realized that before
@Guest: I... no, WE just explained that Night is a clone
Guys listen.
Night is a clone.

He has been on the ask blog

Jesus XD
@Littlegamer34: Night its a clone of Dusk. He is often reffered to as a mistake
How DARE he slap Dusk! Or punch? Im not sure how their paws work.