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NAME: Abbie
AGE: 21
GENDER: Female
BASED IN: London, England
OCCUPATION: Part-time pigeon, Level 6 Paladin
LIKES: Animals, D&D, Mythology, Wearing sunglasses in all weathers, sugar
DISLIKES: Diabetes, Coffee, Spiders, Colin Firth

I want to be the first lesbian on the moon, but I guess being an artist will do for now.
Hiatus over!
Hey everyone!

It's been a long three months with lots going on, but I'm going to start cranking out pages for this story again! I've missed working on it and being able to share it with you all!

It's going to be a little rocky getting back into the swing of things, still lots going on in the background, but I'm going to try and keep the schedule I previously had of one page every Saturday.

You can keep up to date with news either here, on instagram @devilsadvocatecomic, or on!

- Abbie B <3
@nokiri: Thank you! They take ages to sort out but I'm really happy with how they turn out in the end <3
That last panel has convinced me already that I love this new body-hiding friend

The android design is so cute! Looking forward to seeing more <3