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I like comics of all genres. But I mostly like horror and thriller. My hobbies are swimming, cycling, and learning guitar. Also learning Russian and Portuguese at the moment.
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    Jay Eff Pee
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When you try to do someone a favor, this is what happens...
Great way to make a first impression on the people who saved your life.
Woohoo! This is gonna be great!
I'm reading this comic faster than you can post it. I love it so much. Reading the new page is one of the first things I do in the morning.
In the last panel he's trying to say, "Here's some more of my blood to remember me by." But he can't.
He tells her don't worry and then he coughs blood on her.
Pages 259 and 260 are the same page.
I'm not ashamed of her nudity.
@evilnidhogg: She's thinking, "In retrospect, misjudging Ushala's capabilities was kind of a stupid idea."
@mitchellbravo: What materials are you using to make this wonderful comic?
Holy moley! An update? Right on!
Picts don't "take"prisoners.

Was Dolph right after all?

Those girls aren't witches.
Great comic. When pay day comes, I might just patreon...:)
Love the art. Please tell me what materials you use to make it.
187 and 188 are the same page
Real cool page. The second panel really heightens the action.
When I think about how much torture these girls go through, I think to myself, "Damn. The author must REALLY hate Catholic school girls to make them go through such pain and misery constantly." Hahahaha
May 18th, 2018
@GamingNinja: Let's hope it's the gardener holding up two bamboo sticks.
Any day with an Ushala update is a good day.