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I am just a nice Jewish girl... yeah right!

I am more or a writer than an artist. I can draw okayish, but lack confidence to draw comics.

My favorite type of comics are slice of life and comics with super natural themes. Hell, I love reading about ghosts, hauntings, and ghost hunts. I find it fascinating.

One day I may make my own comic and post it on here. I have ideas, but they're still in the very beginning stage of development.
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Hahaha! As a woman in my 40s I always wind up being Mum to 20somethings.
This never fails to crack me up.
And that's why I love Michelle.
Pardon my ignorance, but what is an AU?
Andy can be a real wanker sometimes. But I know that there's uncomfortable history.
I also did the escape from the country thing only I wound up in Australia. haha
I have been in Michelle's spot before. It was awful. Sometimes one is so shell shocked and in so much pain that your flight or fight mechanism kicks in and you're in survival mode.
Been there, done that. I can FEEL the gut wrenching ICK factor from such a situation.
There are some exes from the long ago past that I would NOT want to run into due to messy break ups.
I never understood the appeal of "marking" someone. It's a bit creepy.
War stories. Addicts who aren't quite in full recovery love to share them with anyone who will listen.
Uh oh! Anaphylaxis is no fun.
Baby monkey!!!!!!!!
March 17th, 2019
I like how they joke around with each other.
Matt's a friend we all would want to have.
This reminds me of the song "It's the Thing that Only Eats Hippies" by The Dead Milkmen.hahaha
Dude! I'm playing scenes from that movie Misery!
The ADHD is strong in Sooch.