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I am just a nice Jewish girl... yeah right!

I am more or a writer than an artist. I can draw okayish, but lack confidence to draw comics.

My favorite type of comics are slice of life and comics with super natural themes. Hell, I love reading about ghosts, hauntings, and ghost hunts. I find it fascinating.

One day I may make my own comic and post it on here. I have ideas, but they're still in the very beginning stage of development.
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@Scorpio730: That's why I set my mobile phone time to military time to lower chances of that. haha
Sitting by a farter on a Greyhound bus is no bueno.
I think just about everyone has done this before, eh?
Haha! If that dude had the Wrath of Peter brought down on him, holy shit!
Kitty cat matchmaker?
I have been in Peter's situation and holding on like that. It does take time to break out of it.
I'm with Addie. I'd spill the beans of what a bitch Liz is.
I've been in Peter's shoes. It's not pleasant.
Andy is in a pretty self centered state right now. Kira was right in her observations when she chewed his ass out.
July 10th, 2018
@Ralend: My stepbrother punched someone like that and not to stand up for someone. He was pissed that some dude was talking to his girlfriend. The dude survived, but with TBI brain damage. This should be a lesson for those with bad tempers and prone to fights. You may not MEAN to kill someone, but shit can happen that you can never imagine.
July 10th, 2018
@toondoctor: =) Thanks. I became a substance abuse specialist.
Being a vigilante slugger does have its price. Yeah at the minute it feels great to vindicate your pals with fisticuffs with an asshole who deserves it, but the human side in you cringes, and probably freaks out until the statute of limitations runs out.
Kara is the type who is hard to read for the average person. She's someone who's very strong and probably is a bit more mature than the others and may come on as stuck up. She has Chutzpah. People don't always know what to do with Chutzpah.
With parents like that, it's no wonder Melanie and Patrick are the way that they are.
@uhheythere: Lots of immaturity all around. When you're young in your late teens, early twenties, you do some major stupid things. Doesn't excuse it, of course.
July 5th, 2018
@IronDog: Ain't that the truth! When you come from a family of crazy, you either go crazy with them or you learn to barrier yourself against it.
Poor kiddo. It always sucks when you realize a person who you thought of as a "friend" really isn't.
When they get their ghostie mojo up to par, they should send a bunch of nasties to Liz!
Who DIDN'T Andy sleep with?
She is correct with her observations. Andy is being rather pathetic at the moment.