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*tries to say something deep*
Just some red color, really.

Actually I'm kinda disappointed now, but I guess not everyone is as numb as I am.
Hell yes! Keep dem guts coming!
I'm surprised that she isn't comfortable with that.
While the girls are uncovering sealed away demon spears, Lone is just chilling with the demon king while eating ice cream. The usual.
Turritopsis = Immortal Jellyfish
I KNEW it! I totally called it from the moment that I heard about daddy being old!
I'm always so unsure about whether to comment here or on Tapas.
Kawaii Alpha version 0.1
What a troll.
"Manual safety override" though. Don't hurt your daughter so much, dude!
"And that..."
"is why I put up with Lolly's shit."
"Free food."
Oh crap. That doesn't look healthy.
I ship it.
He can't use more than 56%? That sure makes the fact that it took 50% to knock Hinata out sound a lot different.
Daddy coming to rescue!
Nani the f*ck
That's hella badass.
April 23rd, 2018
Uuh, can Hinata do like mutant magic and save her real quick?