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I'm a coffee addicted teenager who loves the outdoors, wildlife and especially wolves! I live out in the forest in Sweden together with my cats, rabbits, horses and the dog. Living where I do gives me a lot of inspiration and I can easily teach myself to draw nature. I'm working on a comic called VindarFrånNorr (VFN for short) which can also be found on DeviantArt. I have the same name on DeviantArt as here. Enjoy my comic <3
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@Kingfish: yes. Sad Ash :(
@Gamegod018: thank you my friend :D
I apologize for the long wait. Photoshop has been struggling with me and school has kept me real' busy.
I have decided to change the design of the Speech-bubbles to make them look less sloppy and more clean.

Let me know what you think :D
It took some time... But I finally managed to finish this page! Hope you enjoy! :)
@Gamegod018: Yeah and either way Vindur has to choose wisely on which one he shall follow >:D
@Gamegod018: thnx for the tip though. I've been thinking about the very same thing
Yeah but it's kinda late for that y'know
I'll take that as a compliment ^w^ hehe <3
:D Salmon sure knows how to charm his auidance! ;) hahah
100:th page celebration!!! :D <--- click here to see the speedpaint of this piece! :)
I'm truly sorry for this late update. I worked on another version of this page but didn't really like it.. So I decided to remake the entire page. But it's finally done and I hope you enjoy.
This reminds me if my own dog, Atlas. We can't have ANYTHING food related out in the open. We need to lock everything up. (We can't even put it on the benches). Wouldn't be a problem if he was small. But... He's big.. Really, really big.. Maybe about 70cm tall.. So yeah,him reaching food on the tables, benches, counters - is not a problem for him. It gets tiresome.. good thing I love the "little" odd-ball anyways
My mom loved chocolate-pudding. Dad would tell me she had whole giant bowls filled with it all the time.

And when my sister was pregnant, she just couldn't stop eating pickles.
congratulations! :D
April 27th, 2019
Just found this comic. I must say - this is awesome!! I love the idea and story. Also I really find it interesting with your art style! Great job, keep it up :D
@Kingfish: yes *hugs * ;-; I think we all need a lot of hugs r.n. Too many feels
Oh my God this comic was so epic!! I love your comics so much they're awesome!
Ohhhh :OO