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HELP - Semi-Active, Becoming Active again

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i have a huge art block too :x
FFFFFFFFFF this guy is so awesome <3333333

Also sorry about being away guys I was busy the whole time and my birthday was may 3rd so yah busy busy ;W;
heheheh this is the most perfect thing ever :DDDD
(is gone for a few days and already so many pages)
(feels so lost)
@Beauty_of_Syn: haah well I did get awesome art of drake C: but it wouldn't be fair to me and it would take the fun out of spontanious encounters haha
@Beauty_of_Syn: its fine you can keep it up, but now you know not to do that aha
um...haha...i don't think youre supposed to control other people's character such as make them go somewhere?
it's like youre allowed to make your character pop in but a whole chapter cant be about another persons character being controled by you and going somewere without the characters artists knowledge.. x___x
so yah so much Robbie yet so little Drake >3<
I really need to not be lazy and color xDD
lets just say his room is dark bahahaha
why do I draw nice dicks but crappy faces and hands ;W; ugu </3
I just pretty much spat my water out all over my desk o//////w/////o
ohmah gaaaaaaaawd this is so adorableeeeeeee <333333333333
[/rolls around all over]
this made my day so hard xDDD OH MAN THOSE EYES AND SPARKLES DESU
I like this very much [/such a big perv]
if only we could see whos the one humping the poor lad >3<
April 24th, 2013
@BecomeDiligent: what did I do...WHAT DID I DO o___________________o
April 24th, 2013
so yah..idk xDD I was in the mood so I whipped this right up
hes so hott ^////^
I love his hair sososo much <333
welcome to the comic :D
@BecomeDiligent: nono I feel the same way ;w; I like shota looking characters <3333

HAHAH yah I think I went overboard on the house xD
but hey just cause they're different from the humans dosnt mean that they'll live in a crummy house xDD

and yah I was very happy when I saw the message hehe C:
so here is my first part C:
sorry it's not colored >3<
But I found it looked good only lined on it's own :D

also please dont mind how childish he looks..for some reason my style is childish ;W;
oh mon dieu look at how absolutely gorgeous and adorable he iiiiiiiis :DDD
mmm I really want what hes cooking >3<
so yummy looking <3
Kotaro shall be a nice addition heehhe
can't wait for fun times >3<
Name: Terry
Age: 22
Race: Bear

He is a big teddy bear that likes to feel sophisticated
fear him rawr
Just decided to draw a little naked Robbie C:
hes so fun to draw <333
Name: Drake Guard
Age: 21 years old
Sex: Male
Personality: Pretty upfront, mean, arrogant, anti-social, has a fluffy side sometimes, rarely smiles, likes breaking things and drinking
Bio: Drake grew up in an uptight familly were he always got picked on. yet luckily for him he didnt get kicked out. his mother adored him, but when he was 10 she passed away. Saddened by her death, he shut himself out and started rebelling and sticking up for himself. he's feared by most. He got a letter from Honey Honey and thats where he is now, he dosn't really care, free food.
Robbie Valley
Name: Robbie Valley
Age: 16 years old
Sex: Male
Personality: Shy, usually by himself reading, lurks around corners, hides in closets, (kind of a perv that likes looking)
Bio: He was alone for most of his life, Robbie has been left by his family because they were afraid of how different he was. He mysteriously got a letter thrust upon him from a random fellow and now he is at Honey Honey, which he's quite happy about. Food, beds and warmth, what could lonely frail bunny ask for.

(this was something quick cause I was excited, I shall post something better soon)