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officially left this account.
If you couldn't tell already, I pretty much left Smackjeeves. I’ve got bored of editing sprites/ making sprite comics, so I thought I would just close up shop here and whatnot instead of letting it rot. If you still want to keep contact with me, you can go to my DeviantART page:
Or you could check out my tumblr:

Otherwise, this account is dead.
i dont even know what im doing anymore
@Blue Kirby the l33t: I will in a bit, just going to make a new one.

@Darkblane257: I had previously posted this set two days ago, but I was'nt satisfied with the amount there, so I made three more, which are on the far right.
@plokman: mhmm. I added three new weapons to the previous bunch.
here is some weapons. some are old.
Hmm... since the next one picks up from Eevee wanting to talk to Patch, maybe show something with two of them and have Squishy near them or something. I dunno.
@CreatorZone: Glad you like it. Wasn't easy to make, since I had to go through some showcases to get some references of your characters. But, anyways, Merry Christmas~
Daww, thank you Secret Santa~ I lurv it~
I hope she keeps that picture safe. Not sure what will happen in the future...
I had a sudden urge to work on a comic and update this, so I did. For those who did not go on GMC's mission, you can go on mine. If not, I'll just use one of my characters to go along.

Also, I probably said this already in the past, but is there any rooms not taken that I can claim?
Good Idea: Giving your pokemon Rare Candies?
Bad Idea: Fighting a pokemon who was given rare candies?
I haven't been spriting in a long while, so I wanted to sprite something while waiting for my Old Republic beta to finish updating. It sucks, i know, but i've gone back to being rusty again.

I also forgot all the requests and i don't want to search for them, so requests are cleared and open again.

C+C is apreciated.
Honesty: Make the wings bigger, but not too big. Also, it kinda lacks shading in the head area. Just because your using the colors from the sprite doesen't mean you can't make your own shading of the color. Make the claws look more like claws. Also, make the tail much bigger. The game sprite's tail looks almost as big as its own body, so try to do that.
So I fixed up the new mewtwo sprite (1) to have it have brighter colors and a much curvier tail (2). Which is better?
I forgot to post this hear, and with Lux's update, it reminded me to. So, this is old, but I still want an opinion about how the two look.
October 24th, 2011
Scyth, no! D:
And this is the reason why I don't use social networks. That, and I find them not very entertaining.
September 28th, 2011
It needs a water slide. Then it would be complete.
September 18th, 2011
Here is how I view it:
Left for pages that are non-important, just to get it out of the way.
Right for pages that are important/have something major going on that will take time to get it done.