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“What have you got there?”
“A knife!”
“N O!”
Proposed Page Title: Quilava awakens his Sharingan
>>>Romantic Love<
>>>Platonic Love
What if
He stole
The museum
Bottom Text
Why are you running?
W H Y A R E Y O U R U N N I N G ?
I want her to declare how much love she wants eaten in numerical form. “I want you to eat at least 23% of my love but no more than 38%.”
Therapist: Cheesy Feesh Fishboy isn’t real, it can’t hurt you
Cheesy Feesh Fishboy:
“For Sorrow”
“For Joy”
“FOR GLORY!1!1!1”
Yeah the Smeargle is cool and all but are we going to gloss over the fact this man’s name is Ridley.
[Heavy metal boss music intensifies]
She just drops the Snivy on her I’m so done
He left it in his other pants.
Panel three is the best thing I’ve seen today
So it’s the framed criminal thingy
It’s fine if you say, “no homo”
Yo, there was this anime called”Gamers!” I watched like a year ago. I thought this was gonna be high school gaming club kind of thing where they play a bunch of different games. It turned into the most mind-numbingly annoying love story where clear and open communication was it its goddamn lowest in any anime I have seen. Shit ACTUALLY goes on for, like, ten episodes and things only kind of clear up. Sorry, just needed to rant when I saw your comment.
When your mom comes back with another mom
We ain’t the Disney Channel, WE’RE KILLING PEOPLE IN THIS COMIC
When everyone hates you but that’s your favorite part of the job.