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@AngelofBacon: WELL when you put it like that- at one point Noah banged a milf so clearly mature relations are on the table, but where is the line?.... Flamingo Joe is catering to the---uh 60+ crowd?. sure why not. everyone deserves some lovin.
@Tank Fulla Rat Birds: what have I done!
@DoctorGlasgow: That's a bullet I'm willing to take if it means we get more of them TBH
I love them
I'm glad them going to jail wasn't them "being put on a bus" and we never see them again. I'm really sad Allie is the only one we ever got to see in a sexy situation. though- Orca came very close when he was nude & standing in line to "apologize" to Izzy. While I'm sad we didn't get to see it- "The cannon be me penis, Boy" is still possibly my favorite line ever spoken in a comic.
@The_Dark_Angel: The fish queen called her a chimera. So either she's some type of science experiment with her DNA spliced (gonna take a wild guess and say Alligator) or she's a natural born half-breed! part of the mer folks!
Len WTF... never stop being....herself.
I second the idea for lens height! maybe a height chart!?
I love this page! so much action!
Darcy is Law
Darcy continues to be my favorite. In the face of a rigged gaming system: FIGHT.
February 21st, 2018
@Guest: that's what she said!
February 20th, 2018
Smegli and Jerry the only two in this comic no one wants to see naked ----or does everyone want to see them naked? Because Smegli has a decent bulge for a guy with allegedly no junk and Jerry DID wanna shove a crystal up his ass, so he at the very least has an anus.