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@Guest: we don't know if he has a penis! BUT! he does have a butt hole at the very least! in his earlier comics he threatened to put a crystal up his ass & here he mentions his "openings" so... there might be a way.
no one believed me when I said Jerry would be bangable after his molting. but he's got them super model eyes!
Max has a fat dog!?!?! I wanna see more of the fat dog! also His moms natural red hair makes a lot of sense for max.
@Guest: this is sad - but also true!
@Guest: I've read a couple of theories in the comments & people thinking he's their dad is a popular one and I can kinda see it? it would explain where a lot of Izzy and Adele's weird ass personality traits come from and He does seem to have a few protective streaks in him but I'm not sure if it's quite on the level of him being their dad, or if he's just a degenerate with his own twisted moral compass- like drinking & drugs!? 100% fine! but exploiting babies by letting them wear bikinis!? NO SIR! also how did he die!? WHEN did he get with their mother? they only seem to have drugs in common. but who's to say!
Aww this page is cute, on a ton of levels.
Oh no! Sarah's parents are----- serious.
these family pages are giving me life!!! Lens dad is perfect and Darcys dad is both exactly - yet nothing like I envisioned.
@Guest: Holy shit you're right!!! we did see Lens mom!.... perhaps her dad is like- king of the goths?
I love this! it's so cute to see what our favorite characters families are! I love that the twins adopted Kirsty. I love that Noahs assets came from somewhere. and Hashims mom sounds like mine! this is great! I hope you do a page 2! I need to see where Len came from! Uxas and Hiros parents!
I like Lens nails being longer. it really emphasizes her witchyness and raptor arms pose
@Billy the Fish: everyone else go home this comment won.
@Guest: None taken! a lot of people make that mistake, because some Hispanics are white! like Spaniards. Hispanic just means from a Spanish speaking culture. I'm Puerto Rican which is part of Latin America and is largely West African and Native American as far as the population goes.
I love this page, it's great everywhere. Darcy having a short coming, Hiro's wipe-out, Tanya asking Noah if he's white instead of just assuming he is based on how he looks (As a light skinned Hispanic person I appreciate this detail) and last but not least, sweet Tanya having a berserk button! outstanding work Doc!
I am begging for a return of Hour Glass and Mantis lady and her new-ish sidekick!
I like the company Florida man keeps. seems like a fun guy.
This just went in a completely different direction from what I was thinking.... I like it!
@Killsoty: Honey Finding Nemo BEEN ruined for me, that news came out when Pluto was listed as being no longer a planet.
@Guest: Eh, they're fantasy fish. they don't really need to have Sexual dimorphism that humans do. But it does make sense that they don't get secondary sex characteristics until they mature, it's interesting world building and helps with the land man seduction. but since this IS a smut comic emphasizing their breasts and curves once they're mature also make sense.
@DoctorGlasgow: Oh thank goodness! I was pretty sure they were all girls, but not sure enough to bet money on it. Ally's mother was a great arc BTW.