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This is either going to teach Max to knock or it's going to lead to a problem of him serial opening doors that aren't locked and that's..... a whole list of things he's not gonna wanna see. but congrats on your marital Bliss Doc! I already backed the kickstarter so you're getting fan art!
@Guest: this comment is my favorite.
@Billy the Fish: everyone else go home this comment won.
@Guest: None taken! a lot of people make that mistake, because some Hispanics are white! like Spaniards. Hispanic just means from a Spanish speaking culture. I'm Puerto Rican which is part of Latin America and is largely West African and Native American as far as the population goes.
I love this page, it's great everywhere. Darcy having a short coming, Hiro's wipe-out, Tanya asking Noah if he's white instead of just assuming he is based on how he looks (As a light skinned Hispanic person I appreciate this detail) and last but not least, sweet Tanya having a berserk button! outstanding work Doc!
I am begging for a return of Hour Glass and Mantis lady and her new-ish sidekick!
I like the company Florida man keeps. seems like a fun guy.
This just went in a completely different direction from what I was thinking.... I like it!
@Killsoty: Honey Finding Nemo BEEN ruined for me, that news came out when Pluto was listed as being no longer a planet.
@Guest: Eh, they're fantasy fish. they don't really need to have Sexual dimorphism that humans do. But it does make sense that they don't get secondary sex characteristics until they mature, it's interesting world building and helps with the land man seduction. but since this IS a smut comic emphasizing their breasts and curves once they're mature also make sense.
@DoctorGlasgow: Oh thank goodness! I was pretty sure they were all girls, but not sure enough to bet money on it. Ally's mother was a great arc BTW.
@Guest: I hope that's not true because if it is it raises a lot of questions about how they reproduce, all being female but not showing it until they mature just made me think they reproduce asexually like Nameks do ( a lot of fish do that too). But we havn't seen any adult fish males thus far (I don't think or remember) so if there are 2 sexes, mature females are the ones who have babies but the only males around are children......ew?
@Killsoty: I have eyes, I can see they're a Manta Ray I don't understand what stating it's species is supposed to help... unless you're implying that all Manta Rays are men because it has the word man in it... in which case, what?
@Killsoty: all off the fish girls are well... girls. as for why Doc hasn't censored these ones, I'm gonna guess it's because Doc censors breasts simply to encourage patron, not really because it's immoral... this one is a kid and she doesn't have breasts yet. we don't censor nipples on babies, I don't see why kids are any different.
@Guest: every single thing on her is a reference to her being into bestiality. the bitch collar is pretty obvious, the shirt is slang for dog dick and the upside down paw prints on her lower stomach shows what position she enjoys and by whom. her eyes are also red which in Docs art style USUALLY means that person is high but if you look closer you can also see she has a bump on her lip and I'm pretty sure that's no ordinary pimple it's probably a disease from fucking dogs.
I understood every one of the kennel jokes and I'm not sure who I'm more mad at for that, myself for knowing or you for making me realize that I know.
@HAZHACZ: I dn't think thaat's Smegli I think it's a different wall dwelling weirdo.
@Guest: I highly doubt these 12 year olds are having sex. Max JUST busted his first nut a few pages ago. However other anon is right, hand and mouth stuff is usually what happens.
You could make an entire comic of just Sarah making those "well then..." faces and I'd be happy.
I withdraw my objections to this couple. I am beginning to see the chemistry.