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Love this page! love everything about it!- except for Noah getting booted in the dong - that's a high body percentage for him to suffer pain! I'm happy to see Florida man again but WHAAAAAT the fuck is going on with Mime girls eyes!? they're wrinkly!? being pulled into the back of her head!?
ORELE! my people get a shout out! .... seriously tho America, leave my island alone! lol.
@Guest: by George you're right! he's a one man army! that is how he's in every paper! - and why he plays with dead turkeys.
who in Florida is going to be legit mad at an invasion anyways? The Elderly? The swamp dwellers? Disney? the homeless?
@Eternal Cry: considering Izzy is DTF all the time any time, I'd be surprised if she's not carrying lube at this point lol!
January 11th, 2019
Just invade Florida. No one will miss it.
@Eternal Cry: knowing what we know, Izzy carrying around a quart of lube is one of the least surprising things she has done.
@Guest: ha! nah, that sounds right to me!
Is she dusting Hiro? he's STILL sleeping ass up!? I love it!
January 4th, 2019
This isn't even subtext anymore, it's just text. Judging by the face on that guy in the second panel I'm going to take a wild guess and say Doc was a fan of MTV animation back in the day? specifically The Head?
January 2nd, 2019
This is amazing!
@SecretlyEuropean: That is possible that they will develop into something genuine. but it still is the problem of them being paired up just because everyone else has someone and they're all that's left. I personally don't like that type of thing in character development but to each their own.
December 29th, 2018
I live where it's cold a lot of the year and snow is the least sexy thing ever, However this is hilarious and I love it!
@yobos: Are you talking to me? (I ask because I'm the only one whose mentioned chemistry) ... Renee and Hiro are literally the only ones I don't think work.
@Shuest: it's really not.
@Guest: I stated my opinion, someone else gave me theirs & I was open to seeing their point of view... what does that say about me as a person? that I'm emotionally mature? you're right! thanks for noticing. You feeling this need to keep talking to me behind anon while I have an account so I can be held accountable for my words while you can't says a lot about you too.
@o<o: This is super true and a fair analysis. I appreciate you.
I hate them together, there is just no chemistry & they have nothing in common. This sentiment is cute - but it could have been done with literally anyone. I think Renee worked better with Noah & that's saying something because I love him and Len to an extreme degree. but Hiro & Renee reek of "pair the spares" and I feel that type of thing is beneath this cast, especially when there's so many better options for both of them. Fingers crossed Renee joins her evil little sister & Hiro snags the sexy cop lady.
@Guest: I can't! Tumblr doesn't allow porn anymore. And without porn life has lost all it's meaning.
December 27th, 2018
Len is a treasure.