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@Puppies&Art: My mom has dentures & she speaks so clearly without them in that she frequently gets upset when I don't remind her to put them in because I can't tell just by hearing her. So apparently this is a skill you can acquire with practice and since Flamingo Joe is approximately 900 years old he probably has a lot of practice.
Am I the only one who does not blame him for putting this off for 2 weeks!?... it's his LEG! he's attached to it! - literally! it's been there his whole life, NATURALLY he's hesitant to cut it off... shit man I put off seeing my dentist to have a tooth pulled because I really didn't want to be minus a body part- and that's just a tooth...this is his LEG!
September 21st, 2018
@Anon: I agree with the other guy who replied to you... Even if she still wanted to kill Izzy... once she's fed so full and hot boxed she's gonna be useless in a fight.
September 19th, 2018
@Sweet jeff: I agree with @sharronarama . The rule of SCI-FI is: No body, No death... My guess is gonna be that she is wounded but she will live and also get a star scar like Izzy & Noah.
@OmegaVortex: I've had worse!
@WingFreak: tis but a scratch.
oh shit son! someone is gonna die. messing with Darcy and Izzys woman.
September 3rd, 2018
@Somdudewillson: braille.
September 1st, 2018
Darcy values the words of the spice girls and her friends are a terrifying conglomerate CEO who may or may not have created the universe and a super powered race of gem warriors and a billionaire moonlighting as a super hero... I am surprised and yet not surprised. good stuff doc, I love it.
August 25th, 2018
this explains a lot! Lol!!! oh dear god the frog!!! she looks like the wench from Rango!
@Guest: it's a visual shorthand that the artist does. it's kind of like the "can you believe this shit!?" expression, though it is admittedly overused in this page.
August 24th, 2018
This might be the first time we see Renee and Hiro have some actual chemistry. And with the librarian is just even better! nice call!
I work in retail, this is a real horror story!
August 15th, 2018
I think it's better if we don't know.
I used to work at Mcdonalds and I would absolutely be a little shit to a customer who was rude. put all their fudge on the bottom of their sundae, give them a happy meal with a toddler toy or a toy from a previous promotion in it, redip their fries if they asked for fresh ones... don't be a dick to food service and they won't be a dick to you.
@Guest: and you DO realize that the BMI chart we use to measure weight in America is junk science and does not take into account things like bone density, muscle mass,special health needs, fitness level. ETC. But even if it wasn't junk science claiming that anyone whose a size 14-16 is "obese" is a gross over estimate... But let's pretend you're right. let's pretend that the average woman is "over weight" based on what I implied:.... And!? like, what is your point???... I didn't say being average was an Apex of fitness, the very word of average means just that, the average when compared to other women. meaning there's LOTS of women who look that way. SO I don't see the problem? You want to talk about Izzys HEALTH lets talk about the near constant pill popping, alcohol over indulgence, literal cocaine use, acid, adderall abuse, drinking hot taco smoothies (ew?) having huge amounts of unprotected sex with many anonymous untested partners who also have sex with many anonymous untested partners. ( I realize this is a porn comic so STDs & condoms don't exist but if we're going to measure a cartoon character by real world logic, lets go all the way)... It is possible to fat while still being metabolically healthy just like it's possible to be thin and unhealthy.
OH shes cute-- and evil!?!?!... AH YES!!! the obsessive yaoi artist who doesn't take criticism well..... Her and Rumpus would be the creative couple team from hell.
@Guest: False, her clone isn't thicc & neither is Izzy. Clone is fit, Izzy is average. A lot of the women in this comic do have some junk in the trunk (which is A++) But the only ones that are actually fat are a few one shot characters and Bella (Adelie's wife / Max's mom)... Trust me on this friend, I'm also a big bitch and I look for my people everywhere and Izzy is probably like a size 12-14 and the average woman is about 14-16. Breast size is not an indicator of fatness. if it was Darcy would be obese & Allie would be dangerously thin.
In this house Darcy commands her tits, THE TITS DO NOT COMMAND DARCY!
@kattriella: curses! foiled again!