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I work in retail, this is a real horror story!
August 15th, 2018
I think it's better if we don't know.
I used to work at Mcdonalds and I would absolutely be a little shit to a customer who was rude. put all their fudge on the bottom of their sundae, give them a happy meal with a toddler toy or a toy from a previous promotion in it, redip their fries if they asked for fresh ones... don't be a dick to food service and they won't be a dick to you.
@Guest: and you DO realize that the BMI chart we use to measure weight in America is junk science and does not take into account things like bone density, muscle mass,special health needs, fitness level. ETC. But even if it wasn't junk science claiming that anyone whose a size 14-16 is "obese" is a gross over estimate... But let's pretend you're right. let's pretend that the average woman is "over weight" based on what I implied:.... And!? like, what is your point???... I didn't say being average was an Apex of fitness, the very word of average means just that, the average when compared to other women. meaning there's LOTS of women who look that way. SO I don't see the problem? You want to talk about Izzys HEALTH lets talk about the near constant pill popping, alcohol over indulgence, literal cocaine use, acid, adderall abuse, drinking hot taco smoothies (ew?) having huge amounts of unprotected sex with many anonymous untested partners who also have sex with many anonymous untested partners. ( I realize this is a porn comic so STDs & condoms don't exist but if we're going to measure a cartoon character by real world logic, lets go all the way)... It is possible to fat while still being metabolically healthy just like it's possible to be thin and unhealthy.
OH shes cute-- and evil!?!?!... AH YES!!! the obsessive yaoi artist who doesn't take criticism well..... Her and Rumpus would be the creative couple team from hell.
@Guest: False, her clone isn't thicc & neither is Izzy. Clone is fit, Izzy is average. A lot of the women in this comic do have some junk in the trunk (which is A++) But the only ones that are actually fat are a few one shot characters and Bella (Adelie's wife / Max's mom)... Trust me on this friend, I'm also a big bitch and I look for my people everywhere and Izzy is probably like a size 12-14 and the average woman is about 14-16. Breast size is not an indicator of fatness. if it was Darcy would be obese & Allie would be dangerously thin.
In this house Darcy commands her tits, THE TITS DO NOT COMMAND DARCY!
@kattriella: curses! foiled again!
August 4th, 2018
@Zombait58: She flexed her face so hard she popped a pimple.
I feel like Tanya is the safest & most obvious choice for this (and yes, I HAVE been thinking about this since the 3 way parent topic came out awhile ago)But just because they decide on her, does it mean it has to be her?... What if she's infertile? what if she only has one fallopian tube? or a misshapen uterus? or PCOS!? Also, IDK maybe it's just me but something about the only black woman in the main cast being the one who gets pregnant that squicks me but I'm not sure why. Izzy is an obvious no because of the reasons shes stated (drug use) but why not Darcy!? I feel like Darcy being pregnant is a comedy gold mine! I recently did a thesis on pregnant body builders who ignore their doctors orders & continue their fitness regimen right up until they give birth. most of the of dozen I read up on had normal healthy babies (except for one, baby was born 6 weeks early- but like, so was I and I'm fine) This sounds exactly like some shit Darcy would do- if for no other reason to prove her physical superiority, birth the strongest baby, terrorize the other moms @ Babies R Us or in her lamaze classes. And I pity the well- intentioned but busy body parent who dares try to tell Darcy shes selfish for pushing her body so hard while pregnant (another trend that was common in the pregnant body builders study) Get Darcys Mama involved too! she can be her midwife and give her tips on how she birthed THE one, true Darcy. (also: I love her mom, any excuse to see her again is cool by me) Seriously, every turn is an opportunity for hilarity, Darcy with a midnight craving waking the girls up get her some pickles & frosting, Cheese Whiz on steak. Brownie mix -- straight from the bowl. Or if they're not around Darcy Jurassic Park stomping to 7/11 at 2am. Maternity clothes!? ew, She just unbuttons her blazer & shirt for a little extra room. I'm a patron so I've seen everybodies junk plenty but I can hardly imagine hormone sex crazed Darcy busting in on Izzy & Tanya demanding they satisfy their goddess. I could do this all day- these ideas are up from grabs. I'm sure the Doc has his scripts planned out in advanced and if a pregnancy arc is on the horizon I hope all possibilities are considered!... Sorry that got kind of involved _ I just want to be remembered for something other than implying Flamingo Joe should be in a sexy situation.
@RachelToast: How do I know if I'm prengan!?
August 3rd, 2018
Do I want to know why a wendigo is in charge of Lens internet???
I love that Sarah's tits are a portal to hammerspace.
as someone who is chill with spiders but afraid of centipedes I have never related to Len more than I do in this moment.
The worker guy:
Are you guys fucking!? Are you serious!? Right In Front of My Salad!?
@AngelofBacon: WELL when you put it like that- at one point Noah banged a milf so clearly mature relations are on the table, but where is the line?.... Flamingo Joe is catering to the---uh 60+ crowd?. sure why not. everyone deserves some lovin.
@Tank Fulla Rat Birds: what have I done!
@DoctorGlasgow: That's a bullet I'm willing to take if it means we get more of them TBH
I love them
I'm glad them going to jail wasn't them "being put on a bus" and we never see them again. I'm really sad Allie is the only one we ever got to see in a sexy situation. though- Orca came very close when he was nude & standing in line to "apologize" to Izzy. While I'm sad we didn't get to see it- "The cannon be me penis, Boy" is still possibly my favorite line ever spoken in a comic.
@The_Dark_Angel: The fish queen called her a chimera. So either she's some type of science experiment with her DNA spliced (gonna take a wild guess and say Alligator) or she's a natural born half-breed! part of the mer folks!