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I can't draw
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he should get the heaviest thing and throw it on the dopplegangers head. that slows them down a lot, right?
i love his freckles
Tobi looks so young and innocent with his new haircut wtf
lmfao we all know he was writing about Tobi
his dvds can be described as frightful.
oh my gods rudy baby
r u d o l p h
i bet hero has the best voice ever. also, goodidea of using the petal as a boat across the sand.
November 2nd, 2018
@reddog_f13: he should get a map or smth
hang on wait omg tjis entire encounter is amazing but i swear if carmelo pulls some shit on this joyous day ill do sometjing.
i am. so. confused how this small child whom i love far too much can even exist. this boy. this brautiful boy. how can he be twisted? how have you, mr circus papa, made such a character like rudolph so memorable? because he is honestly... perfect and fucked up all at once and its beautiful and saddenning and wonderful all at once.
November 2nd, 2018
guess he'll have to use the stairs
October 30th, 2018
mmmm tentions rise and kids get upset and thats never good
October 30th, 2018
gasp uncl gabe how fucking dare you say a goddamn swear gasp
October 30th, 2018
oh hey oathi is dmall size now, doesthat mean theyre better?
omg wait wait hang on omg this is cute but also tobi wont be there. do you think that's why rudy is mad? or, ignoring him at least?
waiiitt hmmmmmmmmm im confused. hes talking about ben? it would make sense, cause rudy did say that emilio knows things rudy would prefer to forget. or something like that. i can only guess that emilio knows about Ben andis referring to him.
yo its halloween think hes gonna make some remark about it being the devils holiday or whatever to rudy?
omg noooo luther was like, the only human in the family that treated tobi like a human
knew it. father rubbed off on mama and now mama cracked.