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i can feel something bads about to happen i can /feel/ it
Tobi helping the blueberry admit he's gay, and helping himself get adjusted to homosexuality :D
@ those people trying to figure out how the hell Tobi firgired out what "getting laid" means.
July 20th, 2018
about the size of a labrodor
just use labrodor sized salt
we all know kylee wants to talk about something else
love really is real
seeing as things appear to be calming down i just wanna ask: is wallis wearing eyeliner? cuz honestly, he would.
all i can say is oof cuz honestky i have mixed emotions and im a bitch so Oof what a mood
it says "walk to school as friends" toby wants to be rudys friend, but he doesnt think hes ready. i think after this hes going to realize how much he actually cares about rudy and he will tell him (in his weird tobi way) that hes ready to be friends. tobi probably wont mention this though i feel like carmelo might confront rudy but hopefully not in his usual way. idk, im just thinking aloud here atm but thats what i think is gonna happen.
im guessing that might be a problem
how does it feel to sleep in a dead man's bed? ;3
Tobi oh nooooo you really gotta try and convince your father to let you out more.... oh man tobi you really gotta get out more...
say no cuz u already have a best friend and his name is tobi say no rudy plz

tho i guess that means her name isnt rainbow or roxie like i was thinking :T
oOf carmelo is jealous!
oh gosh dammit Tobi....
*deep breath* tobi that is thr wrong choice of words
hahaha, that kid got eaten :)