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*is rereading* but you do like some kinds of scares, dontcha?
im reading back and hnnnnnnng, what happened to make Tobi so..... jaded??? so anxious and depressed and disciplined???? when did mr edburt start tormenting him???? why is this happening to my poor little boy????
wait, i just realized, his pupils are big and black instead of small and white. i wonder if they were like that when he was still a kid? one sec, gotta go fly back through the pages!
nooo, this doesn't look fuuuuun, dont go through the door! just go back to sleep :€
hnnnnnng my boy, dont cry, my boy
nope, not okay at all
hhhhhng, ya sure Rudy? Cuz this doesnt seem okay...
eeeeeeeeeeeh, this makes it seem like its noooooooot :€
im legit screaming internally and only this 👌 close to screaming externally, Rudy is a great friend and Toby deserves happiness!!! But that comment he made earlier about liking guys.... how will Rudy react???? i saw Rudy crying, so that might have been his reaction. ooooooohhhhhh im soooooo ready for the next pagesss.
lmao im losing 2
oof 3
oh, but its nice. but ok. you are entitled to your opinion.
well no fucking shit, tobi, you *are* biting the poor kid. also, im not sure if tobi doesnt actually know what a movie is or if hes just trying to ask about what they are about.
ooooooh Ruuuuuudyyyyyyy, D:
at least he has those self help tips so at least we know he's trying to get better. i hope.
holy shit, that actually makes perfect fucking sense. wormholes. but how did he get his and his brother's limbs to become invisible?
wait, there is a suspiciously sad looking website on Rudy's computer... and a scary looking movie on his tv. Rudy?
lmfao, me tf too, Toby. my emo ass cant handle the brightness.
gosh golly goodness