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Likes: Cats, Art, Anime, Final Fantasy, Cheesecake and Pecan Sandies
Occupation: Graphic designer/Illustrator
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    David Watkins
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Tornado Page!
I like this page! :D

I really had fun making this page, although I may work on the way Nicole's tornadoes look in future pages
still, this page makes me smile!
Time to Blow
While I was working on this page I kept thinking of the line 'Time to blow' for some reason
I remember it from a movie call 'Drive' with Kadeem Hardison and Mark Dacascos.
Dacascos's character says it right before detonating an explosives that a villain was wearing. And Hardison responds 'time to blow?' and shakes his head.

I know...but it was funny back in the nineties I guess.

And there aren't even any explosions on this page :/
The Guardian Crest
More about it will be explained later so I won't give away too much here.

Every Guardian has a representation of their core strength called their 'Crest'
it usually is very ornate and depicts the guardian's elemental affinity and sometimes their patron animal/creature

Guardians powers are usually based on an element (Earth, Water, Wind or Fire) but some guardians are attuned to other powers (like Light and Dark)
Some Guardians (usually the Elder ones) can manipulate more than one element.
Heart can use Fire and Wind, while Elaine can only use Water.
Kei is an odd one. She is attuned to Earth, yet she frequently uses Wind
Nicole is a very powerful wind-attuned she shall soon demonstrate ;)
Aura shields
I have to rework the way the Hex Aura Shield looks like,
I'm not happy with it
it hasn't been turning out like it did in earlier pages
it's a work in progress I guess
As Rimy gets better with it, I will get better at drawing it XD
Missed Text Message
Normally, I would title the page after a line of dialog within the page....
but since no one actually says anything on this page.

I guess Gwyneth's text sorta counts, but its not that easy to read. :/
I'm Korean!
Chulhoon was originally the character of friend of mine on Final Fantasy XI
He was also the leader of our Linkshell.
Ah I still miss those days ; ;

The character Chulhoon was created to honor him (he's not dead or anything)
Many of the cast of SotB are designed after friends of mine! Of course I exercised a bit of artistic license with them though!
is she texting?
Normally, a cellphone signal would not be able to travel outside a plane-shifted zone. But for some reason Gwyneth is able to text. If Reiko or Chulhoon had tried to use their phones, they would have had no signal.
So, how is Gwyneth doing it?

Magical phone?
She is on Verizon?
She isn't actually texting, she is pretending to text to avoid Skeeve?
Oddly, my comment didn't show up when I posted the page.

If I remember it correctly, I was concerned that Skeeve's font is difficult to read. I will correct it on the next page.
I'm sorta 'meh' with this page. I really just don't like Skeeve I guess.
I'm not too fond how this page came out.
I don't feel I did Chulhoon justice with this weak 'fight' scene.
I'll have plenty of chances to make it up to him though.
Ugh...That took awhile
Finally, an update!
not quite a regular schedule yet, but I'm getting there!
Corporation Kids
As Gwyneth is explaining, the School (Eternal Vision) is supported by the major corporations.
Even though it is not a private school, most of the student body is composed of the children of corporate employees. There is a screening process where students are required to take an aptitude test to determine admittance and placement.
Wealth does in fact, play a role in admittance, but not placement.
Rim Marie is actually quite gifted, being placed in a class above her age group. But she ranked 4th in test scores in her class under Cleo Ballard (1st and class representative) Gwyneth Dorlynn (2nd) and Audra Wilford (3rd)

ah..Gwyneth, she is TOTALLY crushing on Rimy!
Clueless Reiko
Before you ask, Yes. Reiko is THAT clueless!
She is actually pretty intelligent (she wouldn't be in that school if she wasn't) she just has tunnel vision.
In her defense though, Chulhoon is really good at being inconspicuous. :D

Whew! finished this page on the 31st of May (I said I would see if I could get one out before June)
The next page may not make it out by next Thursday though, but I will do my best with the time I have!
Danielle Elizabeth SinClaire!

Dani was the main character of a comic I made when I was in high school called 'The Legend of Phoenix'
Gwyneth and Pensila were also from her comic. I am currently re-writing that comic (renamed 'Eternal Flame') as Danielle's backstory. I don't know if it will take 'full' comic form due to my limited time.

As for Dani's role in 'Song of the Butterfly'....well she has a pretty big part(s) in the story. I'm sorta worried she will overshadow poor Rimy since she is a more developed character. You will get to see a lot more of her in coming chapters.

...heh heh heh :D
Easter Bunny twarted my update
That thug the Easter Bunny showed up last week and we engaged in fisticuffs!
I won of course, but the fight delayed my update.
Curse you! You long-eared, egg-toting FREAK!
A bit late
Sorry about the late page.
Got caught up on some other projects. Had to rush this one a bit, so I might have to go back and tweak it a bit later ;)
K.O.! Nicole Wins!
Ah! more Kei panty shots!
More band-aids for Kei too!
Guardian Training Grove
Originally, I had planned to render the whole place in Maya and use that for the back ground.
It didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. So I went with good ol' hand-drawn and photoshop.
I still use the render as a reference/ layout map.

I didn't 'actionize' the panels on this page. I just didn't like the way they looked.
Rimy's 'fight' should make up for it though *heh heh*
Page 179 Skeeve
When I wrote this chapter, I had another demon in mind to use in place of Skeeve, but I decided to save her for a later chapter cause she was sooooo cool.

I hate Skeeve.
but he is good at tracking, so it makes sense Laz and Roaja would use him.

I still hate him though.
not much text
The dialogue on this page actually didn't take long to add....but the art on the page itself....UGH
It was worth it though. This marks the first appearance of Danielle in one of my comics since the mid 90's (she had her own comic)

I won't reveal anything about her yet, but she will have an extensive character design page sometime in the future. I will have to piece it together into a single page because she has so much history and so many design changes.

She is definitely one of my favorite characters :D
Bloo's Angels
I like this page :D
I had to design a grade school uniform for the next few panels.
I thought of going with yellow but it didn't look very good so I went with light blue.