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Hey there! I'm a Manga/Anime-nerd douchebaguette from a german-speaking country in Europe :)
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Lovely <3
July 30th, 2014
*heart squeezed in an almost painful manner*
A frog apprentice, now that's something to brag about for any witch >3<'s all so adorable I feel like I got a boa constrictor hugging my heart aaawww
July 30th, 2014
OOOhhhh his faaaaaaaace <333
Love it so far
The atmosphere is incredible, and I love the paneling and your use of colours! And I'm quite sure those are Kanelbullar and that stuff gives me the smiiiiles!
But that is part of his charm .. lol xDD now that sounds like a lame excuse xD noooo eve DON'T YOU DARE give it a try! xD
hey ppl... I'm currently stuck with preparation for my graduation in june, but afterwards I'll start drawing again ^^ maybe I'll eben redo this comic next year (already even though there are so little pages xDD)
oooh I can't wait to see what happens next. NOW he could do whatever he want *dies* xDDD
woa to be continiued... cool font xD show em what a "little human" can do, kea!

I´ve modified the blurry old page and voila, the new, UNBLURRY faboulous awesome image O_________O
uuuh... she´s totally freaking me out O_______O *can´t - stop - to - stare * beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep xDDDD beautiful as always
aaaaaah so pretty everything :D
January 29th, 2009
I wonder what´s gonna happen!! I hope persephone will be okay..
my gawd, what happened to her feet?? it´s almost disturbing how you make something terrifying so breathtakingly beautiful <3333
January 28th, 2009
yes it dooooes :D fav<3
yeah... I´m actually almost done with the next page but I messed sth on the page up and I´ll have to figure out how to fix it xD
heeyyyy there!!! I´m not dead!! yet... my computer was rotting with viruses in a way that made it impossible to set it up new (or whatever I don´t really know how to say it in english...) well... and now I gotta new one ^^ and I´ll keep reading your shiny stuff :DDDDD
aaaaah this stuff is so crazy it´s already friggin wonderful... now I´ll have to stalk you and hope to get some of your humour... xDDD
seems to be comfortable enough for him xD great page... studying in a church? like he was satan or sumthin xDDD
getting "this" is quite okay xDDD HAWT!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work, and i can´t wait for your hiatus to be over ^^
I love the pic, the hat, her expression, the pose, everything !!!!