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Evylution/The real one
Just a guy with good ideas and horrible drawing skills. also, my password won't work for my other accounts no matter what I try :(
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Ok that guy is cute, I’d date Him too
I love how pissed he looks like “is this really the best the have?”
I hope manic befriends them, maybe the plant person could be her partner
Honestly if a hero this cute arrested me I wouldn’t complain
Ok but like who wouldn’t want to date dotty!? She is literally the best and honestly her strength would amaze me even if I did get hurt!
That’s sweet that she’d check up on a stranger
She’s got the powah! Dun. dun. dun. Dun-dun
My boi skelly is a high god
Hm I wonder if the chat or are a hive-mind, and do they... you know? Huh that’d be weird as a hive-mind
I love the faces she makes
I see why he was concerned but no one else was infected yet, that mean something right?
I just hope she doesn’t leave the prof behind for the power, it just seems impossible for her not to be pure, innocent, and cute
Am I the only one who’s noticed that she’s in well some revealing clothing and sharing eye color with the fox in the main picture for this comic?
Take all the time you need^^
True yandere, her emotions change in a snap
“I’m flustered” ...great start hun
@Pinkeevee222: the pic isn't working for me