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It's like I'm looking at a debate between me when I was little and me as I am now about how i should play Pokemon
Ohey, it's TaillowMan.EXE
How rude of the enemy to give out less than ideal weapons that we will use against them.
After conducting an analysis on the handwriting, I have determined that the culprit is Tron Bonne
I forget, is bright man the one who stops time based on his health, or was it someone else?
@Master_72: So what were you referring to about the skull shield?
Wait wait wait, his official name is GROPIUS? I hope it's pronounced the way I think it is
He's also single-handedly causing mass genocides of goombas, koopas, badnicks, moblins, octoroks, metools, ghouls and goblins, zombies, bandits, thieves, and every other hostile entities (and neutral ones) in the game
@MrTTAO: But one is not simply a gentleman with just a monocle and a tophat. He requires a distinguished moustache and a snazzy cane
@SassyThePokemonLover: Try water tattoos, it's like the best of both worlds. Technically you're putting a sticker on your face, still AND it could be something cool like... a needle?
@Luigi_96: It's the shadow under her left arm
@crazybob: As Admiral Ackbar would say, "IT'S A TRAP!"
@RedJac: well Ryu's definitely knows he's Lan's dad. Also, Lan has referred to Ryu as a guy, although I guess that wouldn't be the first time a character has mistaken the others' gender in any story
I bet it on Ms. Mari's sister. idk her name, but all i know is that she has a netnavi
@ParaFox: I think that the experience ended well in the end, I mean right now, she's drawing some pretty awesome hand-drawn comics and herself undressing :U
Then Core hulk smashes everything in his way, even the laws of physics won't be able to stand against him
and here in the future future, it is now a site based around breakfast cereal.