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How rude of the enemy to give out less than ideal weapons that we will use against them.
I forget, is bright man the one who stops time based on his health, or was it someone else?
@Master_72: So what were you referring to about the skull shield?
Wait wait wait, his official name is GROPIUS? I hope it's pronounced the way I think it is
He's also single-handedly causing mass genocides of goombas, koopas, badnicks, moblins, octoroks, metools, ghouls and goblins, zombies, bandits, thieves, and every other hostile entities (and neutral ones) in the game
@MrTTAO: But one is not simply a gentleman with just a monocle and a tophat. He requires a distinguished moustache and a snazzy cane
@SassyThePokemonLover: Try water tattoos, it's like the best of both worlds. Technically you're putting a sticker on your face, still AND it could be something cool like... a needle?
@Luigi_96: It's the shadow under her left arm
@ParaFox: I think that the experience ended well in the end, I mean right now, she's drawing some pretty awesome hand-drawn comics and herself undressing :U
Then Core hulk smashes everything in his way, even the laws of physics won't be able to stand against him
and here in the future future, it is now a site based around breakfast cereal.
Now I'm going to need to set up screamo music at full blast
What say you to a button attached to a piston that makes an anvil fall on your head?
I bet Will had a hand buzzer anyway
@Guest: It was also in Megaman 6, in Tomohawk man's stage
Will, y'know what else would be rad? If he was wearing an ALF head :U
So is the energy equalizer a prototype subtank then?
Maybe it was 'pain'?