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Chipo deserved that we empathize and feel for him but taking your rage on others doesnt make you feel better. It will just piss you off more
Chipo, this is not ok. I know you miss but this is not ok
Sad to hear that but who are we to judge? If you guys lost the inspiration to keep this going then thats ok. We are fans of you guys not fans of this comic and we just want to see what you'll do next gonna feel guilty
I love how Leo's face just shows how much he is worried that Marco isnt a complete idiot. I was too but then I remember Marco is a protag and comic relief so he is automatically dumb but he'll have rare bursts of intelligence
@BoysLand_Crew: Oh True.
I'm gonna give Marco this one. He seems to know what he's doing
Oh right take your time. Its good. We all need a break and moment to breathe. Also Cedar cant swim
I am honestly feeling an evolution coming
Arceus help me....I wanna pet their bellies
October 27th, 2019
Oh i knew Linnea would gey magic
October 21st, 2019
@HanlanasLTU: If you dont like it dont read it. Let us enjoy our gay ships.
Oh god what if Tale Papyrus and Swap Sans were actual bros? They are kinda
My brain didnt register this first time around and I dont know how. That is straight Ed Elric levels of missing leg
As much as I love Leo,he is not a fighter. I'm not saying he's weak I mean he doesnt have the spirit of a fighter