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Oh no.......that might be his girlfriend
Oh this is just prime. He's gonna have to come out the closet. It'll be easier to come clean then get caught
Messing with the pokemon who brought life to all pokemon. Not smart
Eve was shocked because they lied on her
I knew it! She was wearing a Harmony Scarf
They were knocked out. I forgot
His hair is frazzeled! I love it
They are like what the fuck happened?
She has a harmony scarf
It's kinda funny he isnt use to talking. So it's funny how it works
Ok Zack needs to focus not on Nick but school
Sceptile looks great and sharp. I'm biased because Sceptile is my one of fave starters
I love your art style everyone looks nice and all the pokemon look soft and squishy. I just hold and hug them all
Oh yes! I love it!!
Oh weird
We can wait and i love she calls him out on being dramatic