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I am gonna make this more happy.
Nimbus seeing how upset Briar is tells her to go home and see her mother and if she still wants to be a battler. She would join her team.
Briar having gotten home tells her mom what happened and how scared she was first her mother yells for leaving without telling her. Then hugs because she is scared. Briar learns from her mom that her attiude is what almost got her killed and she cries more but stops and says she still wants to be a great battler and now having a bit more humilty heads off properly with Nimbus by her side
I wanna adopt a fly bot and little knight. Also the one with one eye because I wanna adopt them all because they are cute. I just wonder what do they eat
He kinda did but at the same he didnt stop being shady
@Lance Frost: She has a name apparently no one knew
Did you shatter anyone?
This was gonna come out sooner or later
Ron! And Draco are marrying each other? Aww so cute
Is that Koro-Sensei? How are you here? Is he a donner? Or a breeder?
Just by a hair she missed
This chapter should just be called She has a name
@Lance Frost: you might as well keep going
Looks like Briar has a new friend
His leg braces make him look more like a fighting type
Playing with a Mew.
Beautiful Kishi. Just gives me bliss and makes me happy
Yay! Reading all my fave comics today is great. Best birthday yet