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@Tatooine47: i thought that too
It's almost time for the story to start and i am ready because this story got interesting already. I wanna know what happens
Addie is kinda right. They need to be a taken down because throwing Em under the bus is a no go.
We can all agree that Lea took it too far. I understand she was suspicious but still that was overboard
Yeah watching that must be uncomfortable
Oh Dakota, do i know how you feel when friends fight and they drag in it.
Love and support
July 17th, 2018
Awe so cute
Stop messing with Darkrai, Gengar!!
Alright let's do this! I am ready for this
No Zack needs hugs
I kinda wish that Max didnt say anything. So addie could beat the shit out of those two
@G.H.S.T: oh makes sense. I guess he was just thinking about him
Did Daniel sense something was wrong?
It looks nice and i would do this too if i got the ability to understand animals
@Tehpikachu: i know she's a day old. It's great to see