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Mewtwo is holding nothing back
Now I'm curious who that man is
The one guy with no powers is the best at this
How didnyou mess up?! You had one job!
@G.H.S.T: Halfway?! Oh thank god
I am kinda scared that this might be the second to last chapter
Oh crap, is that precious child mute?
A great chapter as usual this precious piggy baby is safe. Leo has some confidence and everyone is together. Villain defeated now we good. So great chapter as usual
Ursa! Right Gtfo! I love it
The blind one just gasped because he wanted to be included and I love it
Yeah Leo straight up boss!
I never asked and I just realized just now that Leo is a Nui or a chimera
WTF?! Did I miss a post because when was this establish?
Toby, you better pray that you arent in trouble
Leafeon just wearing shades like baddast mofo in the world
May 17th, 2019
Why hasnt peridot punched her yet? I mean she can be weak but Peridot cant just let this happen
May 17th, 2019
@Notimportant: she's getting kidnappped so i feel like she can yell about this
May 17th, 2019
My mind is filthy so I'm just over like "oh no"
Thats the realist form of "I do of what I want" that I have ever seen
Lethal is gonna kill Toby