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I reached that good state. I love how it's just them kissing and it's just good
That chair ain't no good.
Louis was singing that to Daniel I love it
You say that his face says others
I am very impatient but I also love this series to bits so yeah worth it
He said the word! He said the word! Louis called him boyfriend!
Yass bitch yass!!
Fucking finally
It's about time! 14 chapters! Yes! Finally!
@yaoi4evandnevayuri: what were listening too
Daniel is what he needs. Someone like that is the best for him
We all saw how they were about to kiss?
Who is this Daniel?! Where has he been?
I'm WTF! All the way
Holy that was different
You have this look but cant ask him out?
His mom and mia are similar as hell. They love Daniel and don't want him to get hurt
Is Chris bi? I guesss it wouldn't matter to him? Sex is sex. I honestly doubt he would accept
The dumb bitch pissed me off. I just want them to kiss and be done
He looks like a giant kid