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Hmmm...wouldn't take too long for Avery to be dismissed by the cops as a lunatic.

With all the forensic evidence gone they aren't going to believe him.
@JesBelle: Normally I love to hate the garbage that comes out of Owen's mouth, but for some strange reason I admire his reasoning.

Even though it IS self-serving crap.
Such a poignant scene...I'm feeling Otto's pain.

But also I feel such admiration for Jupiter's humility and compassion.

I only hope this "Eh-Aye" that the tech industry is developing will have the same qualities.
February 10th, 2019
Well, I for one think you could not have a better cliff-hanger before going on hiatus than this update!

My reaction to the last panel was "Fu[\<! This isn't going to help his acrophobia any!"

Yes, keep your Patreon active and your KoFi if it's practical.

Wishing you the best and thanking you again for sharing your talent.
I don't know much about this guy other than what's been shown in flashbacks. I'm guessing that like all of the other characters, he's got baggage from the past, meaning from before he even met Sandra.

But what it looks like right now is that this Rehabilitation Through Fascism is doomed to fail; as it should.
Oh, the irony!
@Vixenkiba: I noticed the lack of comments too. I've been binge-reading this since two days ago.

Maybe it's because the content hits so close to home for many readers, that all you can say is, "yeah, I can relate".

I imagine many readers bailed because this comic isn't exactly escapist. This is one place I wouldn't be able to tolerate any "cinnamon-bun" cliche' comments.
I love it that you drew Stevie with huge rabbit incisors.
Last Panel
Good for you, Vincent! None of that microwave rubbish for you!
Everybody's comments have pretty much said it for me.

All I can add is there is enough CS and DS to come back to and re-read and enjoy again.

Wishing you the best!
@Quadrant: Me neither. The girl reminds me of Wednesday Addams because of that drab, limp gothic hairstyle.

Maybe she did peroxide so as to not look like her brother! :3
December 29th, 2018
@emxlycxsta: It's different; I'll say that much.

Wouldn't have expected this several chapters ago.
December 26th, 2018
"You should understand that me letting you inside, is a sign of my affection; and that you agree with the terms of this 'End' User License Agreement."

@Quadrant: At 600% magnification the patterns appear to be uneven three-part loops.

Ergo: Dicks.

December 24th, 2018
For Christmas I want to give Carter a solid-gold canine-tooth implant.

Extra long so that it's often visible and gives him a vampire appearance.

That's what I was thinking, but you expressed it better.
December 22nd, 2018

I have a hunch that we'll get to Scott having to suffer Lee and Matt showing off and thus losing the hockey match for the team.
@JoKeR: It's not a Placeholder Page; it's a Bonus! ;-)

I thought this would happen much later! This is exciting!
December 6th, 2018
Now, I'm lousy at understanding affairs of the heart, but:

Would Carter really have a problem being faithful to a caring, non-abusive partner?