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@Quadrant: I think Richie is going to force a dialog shortly.
I can't comment on anything else but what everybody has.

This scene underscores how utterly original and mind-blowing this series is!

This is good Science Fiction!
I like Ryan and Layla's before-shampoo-was-invented look.
@Biscuit: It is progress, nonetheless.

When I was a kid, I hated sitcom episodes where a simple misunderstanding caused a shitstorm and the entire plot was one character being blocked from clearing up the confusion.

Here, things are at least moving along and there are more plot points than in a sitcom.

A friend of mine once remarked, "'The Brady Bunch' is a show about a family that takes days to solve a problem that most families can solve in ten minutes"
I love how Cole and Scarecrow have the identical pose in Panel 1.

I was about to suggest Owen kill his uncle and be done with it, but just in time I recalled what happens to people who die in this story.

Not to mention what happens to people who were in close proximity when those people die.
@Quadrant: Almost makes me wonder if Owen is also possessed by a horndog.
@Biscuit: Yeah, if this tactic were to occur to him, I'm sure he'd come up with something.
@Biscuit: That's Awesome!

In my original music-as-weapon thread, I proposed Early Music, which I was speculating that Avery could tolerate but would enrage Maxwell.

I had recently discovered the choral Masses of Tallis, Byrd, and Palestrina; you see.
I restate my suggestion from months ago that Avery start listening to music that will drive Maxwell nuts.
Richie did good again; he pulled off the Telltale Heart Gambit successfully.
I seem to vaguely recall that in Quantum Physics, there is a certain type of particle, which paired with another, will behave as the two crystal halves in your example.

And there will be a simultaneous reaction in the receiver-particle, no matter the distance between the two.

Not being very clever with Science, this is all I can recall on the subject.
@Biscuit: If you don't mind my asking, were you a Low Setter["It costs too much to fill the tank!"]

or a High Setter["It's cold at work; I want to be warm at home!"]
@Quadrant: Probably along the lines of "Mine's bigger than this."
@WindowMaker: Ditto to Tapastic's nonexistent archive feature. If I were a hard-drinking man, I'd probably get vertigo from scrolling through their comics.

I'm with you that Tapastic is okay but not great.

Last time I was on The Duck was when I noticed the name was changed from Drunk Duck. Are they afraid the name was going to encourage underage drinking and excessive inebriation in general?
"Alcohol: the cause of and the answer to all of mankind's problems..."

--Homer J. Simpson
@flyingdreamer14: I think it's mostly that he's worried about his sanity.

If all fails in the short run, our scarecrow still has the kindly horse for moral support.
@JesBelle: My guess? About 1/2 a point less than Owen.
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[studio audience]: "wwwoooooOOOOOooooo...!"