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I just noticed how fun your characters' facial expressions are!

The "Little Orphan Annie" eyes in panel 4 cracked me up.
Since stores are going to start putting Xmas decorations up any minute now, I think you have the right to put up a Halloween pic anytime the calendar says "October".

Halloween marks the beginning of a 2-month horrorshow called fondly by some "The Holidays"

I call it "Octnocember".

Our straw hero looks like he's having fun, btw!
Alan thinks THAT'S a creepy smile?!

He obviously doesn't read Smack Jeeves' horror comics...
This is the downside of "instant" mobile communication--

You get condition to expecting to solve a major crisis in under an hour. :-/
October 16th, 2018
Panel 1: Oh Carter! We still need to work on our self-esteem!

Panel 3: Except for committing Bloody Nose by Desk, I haven't seen you victorious in violent activities.

Panel 4: You may not be a brilliant scholar, Reuben, but thou art wise.

Panel 5: Sign both of them up for that pro team which already picked up Reuben.

Reuben can be the "good" example and Carter can be the team's token "colorful" member. Ratings will go through the roof.

Maybe Coach Cockroach will decide to assign them as roommates on the road so that Reuben can "keep the Crushinator out of trouble". XD

Panel 6: Carter, I think your true calling may be Psychology.

Panel 7: Repeat Panel 4 comment.
But I like the notion that Owen might want to kill his uncle if the opportunity arose.
October 13th, 2018
Ah, and here's to "Mother" Asao; the sports academy's living saint!
What I get out of this update is the contrast between personalities and cultures.

Seatmate 1 seems like your typical Anglo-North American "guy's guy" whose approach with strangers is casual.

Seatmate 2 seems like a man raised with Old World manners.

Seatmate 1 has boundary issues and is concerned with his own comfort and gratification.

Seatmate 2 seems to be utilizing the fore-mentioned Old World Manners for the sake of trying to get along with others.

[Climbs off soapbox]
@JesBelle: I still entertain the fantasy that there will be a David Lynch Ending where the sadist will actually wake up on a train to Brighton with a headache and think he drank too much the night before.
October 5th, 2018
@Yaa: The blow-up doll drawing has more than made up for it.
September 21st, 2018
@BoxyGirl96: Based upon the events which are occuring "now" [#865-10], Matt may be in for an awakening.

A hockey game is being played right "now" and Reuben and Carter are not in it. This in Lee's mind, is even better than his blackmail condition that Carter must strategically support Lee and Matt during hockey play.

I think the team will fall apart on account of Lee's show-boating.

Just speculation.
September 18th, 2018
"Did you think I'd punch you?! Because you told the truth?"

Well, it's been known to happen between people.
[Delighted chuckle]
Ben is such an easy-going guy! So casual about getting punched by by Maddie!

Not many high school kids who are that mellow. A good bf for Vincent! Glad the confusion was cleared up early.

It's silly, but I used to get aggravated by sitcoms when an episode plot would be driven by a "misunderstanding".

Or as a friend said about "The Brady Bunch":
"It's about a family that takes 30 minutes to solve a problem that takes an average family only 10."
I am so sorry that you've had to endure TWO accidents inside of a year. That's the pits!

I hope you enjoy your new job!
This is awesome!

You win the Cloud for Most Original Concept for a BL comic!
@IronDog: Don't you just love friends who do the "Just one more thing"-thing when you're on the phone with them?

And they keep you on for another 20 minutes? :-p
@kippydraw: Ah!
I remember Alex saying, "It was just me and my aunt", but I never saw the aunt.
@HiWayXingFrog: Oh. Sorry, on Sunkissed.
@HiWayXingFrog: I do believe we did!

So now I went back to see what page I made the "prediction". I went through enough of my own comments I thought maybe it was one of those that I started to post and then decide it was too cheeky and BackSpaced it.

I found it on #66. Did you post yours?