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PS: These pizzas are refrigerated rather than frozen, so they have a short sell-by period. But you can tell the ingredients are quite fresh.
@Iron Ed: We must be at least 1000 miles apart geographically speaking. I've only heard of Food Lion from national rankings of grocery chains.

I get the flatbread pizza at a 5-state chain called WINCO. It's made by the store's regional bakeries, I think.

The crust is VERY thin, but the topping portions range from average to generous.
The pizza is rectangular; 7" x 12". Just enough for a hungry bachelor so long as you have side dishes as well.

Another nice thing is they bake in 10 - 14 minutes. I have a "fast" oven so mine comes out perfect in 9 min.

Not quite a bargain at $3.98, but sometimes they have a sale at $2.98.
@Iron Ed:

[Eating a flatbread pizza from a discount grocery store while reading reply]
Well, it is kind of rude to grab pizza before everybody else...

On the other hand, the pizza will be cold by the time everything is brought in...


Having pizza sit on the table while Sarah bosses everybody around is cruelty.

@OtakuKun1: We may not get fan service with this one, but I have faith that Lee's karma will catch up to him.
Ah geez, I've got something in my eye.

[runs away to the bathroom]
Panel 2
My nickname for Lee right now is Sinister Squirrel.

In a less well-written BL, Carter and Till getting back together is a plot possibility.

But Crushed is close enough to Real Life that if such a reunion were to take place, it would not end well. At best this could cause Carter to lose his fragile self-respect and his sanity.

Till should just find somebody else. In nearly all the encounters with Carter, Till is the one who approaches, or maybe a better word is encrouches.

Till is a sick puppy as far as I'm concerned. This is not a moral judgement. He appeared far more broken in those flashbacks than any of our dear boys seem to be in the present time.

I concede that we don't know what's happened with him in since that Horrible Night.

What I can't help thinking is that Carter, Reuben, and Scott cannot be the only gay/demi guys in that school.
@KaiterSkate: If it's something like, "the old me and the new me are both on this page", then it does.
@JoKeR: LOL!

"...i have a cunning plan..."
I don't think she's going to go off on Stephen, at least not right away.

I think Alex is about to get a repeat lecture about dating too soon.

THEN she'll say, "If you break his heart, I'll break your face!"

Leo did a 180 when he saw Henry in trouble.

Good on ya, Leo!

He definitely has a "death-rictus". Wouldn't it be ironic if he got some sort of nerve injury where that expression was frozen on his face?

"The mirror...THE MIRROR!....-a-hah-hah-aha-ha-ha..."

Ref: Original 1980's Batman film.
I think Scott's coming close to outing himself(besides his mum, roommate and Asao).
@Autumnbear: I'm pretty sure that Benni does have those feelings...which makes this whole ordeal all the more traumatic for him.
Ah, I get it...

The old Extrovert/Introvert misunderstanding. Early on, Hazel didn't send the "we're friends" signal that extroverts understand.

Sarah must have assumed they weren't friends because Hazel liked to keep to herself and didn't want to do the things that Sarah enjoys.

If I were Hazel, my "we're friends" signal would be: I didn't move out in the middle of the night without leaving a note.
@AnthroLoverJay: Well, "fun" and "good time" are pretty subjective.

On Super Bowl Sunday, I drive to the coast or go to a bookstore.

Both those places are refuges for people who don't like football.
@Pikachao: That was quick. Or has more time passed than I thought?
I've rarely been to Utah, but I've been around LDS culture.

The Jello thing totally fits.

Not unlike small towns in the Amerikan Heartland.