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[Starts munching on popcorn]
Awesome. I called Panel 5 speech almost verbatim.
@EnkaRG: My only worry now is if Kea likes him ONLY because he's not a threat.

I thought it was gonna take longer to win her over.
I would hnve waited until she really was alone and then had something planned to say.
It's all too easy for a Psychology Nerd like me to diagnose Jay as being on the Autism Spectrum.

But I'm gonna keep an open mind that it's something else that gives him his rather Vulcan attitude.
Ah! Beginning to see a bit of drama developing!
She's mad at Alex and taking it out on whomever just spoke.

Watch out random classmate who comes by and asks a question about a lecture.

@BoxyGirl96: I agree there's nothing wrong in being a bottom; it's a case of cultural brainwashing versus reason.
This part of the chapter now has me going down Memory Parkway about malls.

As a jaded adult, I'd rather tour a sewage treatment plant than go to a mall.

But Vincent staring at the lava lamp reminds me of when I always went into a Spencers Gifts to look at all the crap they had, but never buying anything.

It was an "Ooooo Ahhhhhh!" kind of thing. Glad I didn't buy anything back then. I'd have gotten tired of the purchase within days.
@Quadrant: Seems like that's how it is everywhere now. Just check youtube for the thousands of "Bad Drivers in [insert location here]videos.

Not too many years ago, maybe twice a week I'd have to react to another driver's illegal and/or rude manoveurs.

Now its an average of twice each time I get behind the wheel.

Wonder if he's gonna search for a secret place for himself.

His opinion of the cafeteria is so right on for me.

I don't get headaches from people O.D., I just get freakin' tired!
I'm with Ethan; I'm sick of the Mall[s] too. That is, until the vacancy rate hits 33%, then I enjoy lurking by Orange Julius and making affluent people uncomfortable. ;-)
Oh, my! I guess her ammo is far from spent.

Now's when Stephen should say he was class valedictorian.
Panel 2
That answers a question I planned to post in the next Q & A! :-)
Oo! Even Sona's annoyed!
He did it! He did it!

That must have been freakin' hard.
@Iron Ed: Ow! Ouch!

Oh the pain!

PS: These pizzas are refrigerated rather than frozen, so they have a short sell-by period. But you can tell the ingredients are quite fresh.