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Jack's endorphin rush lasted nearly three seconds!
November 8th, 2019
I like the fries you get at independent burger stands you find in small towns.

Although they seem bland, they taste fresher than megacorp fast food places.
So it seems that in all the time since Avery left London, he has made zero progress in figuring out a way to explain his possession of/by Maxwell.

Not that I blame him one bit. This is happening in the world as we know it, the one with vehicles which run on fossil fuels and data devices which run on electrons.

I don't recall that Avery and his brother were even able to compare notes.

So I have absolutely no clue how this will ever resolve. It's nice not being able to predict what will happen in a webcomic. :-)
Happy Birthday! Thanks for the extra update, and Many Happy Returns!

I guess the Effective Scarecrow Option is off the table!

All things considered, you received the lesser damage, a lesson in the hazards of drunk driving was given, and family connections win the day!
Hey, you have my total sympathy!

Last year, some thieves destroyed the mailboxes at my apartment complex. The boxes were those thick aluminum outdoor jobs from the 1980's.

This was a bit of a shock, because this neighborhood had the lowest crime rate in town until about the time of this happening.

The post office replaced the boxes with a new design that's supposed to be tougher to break into. We'll see...

On my walking routes I see a few brick units like yours; one got backed into by a vehicle, but they must have also ran. The lady who owns the house probably can't afford to fix it because it's been like that for several years now. :-(

I hope it all works out for you!
For me, this is a visualization of the experience of "turning within".

The darkness and dim figures illustrate that one's internal reality is not as steady and coherent as the flow of events external to us.

But here, as dim and dark and incoherent as this internal reality is, Avery seems focused upon it to the exclusion of the external reality.

Just an impression I get from this image.
No! No! No!

Do not pass judgement on others with your Outdoor Voice!
Oh, Avery! I hope you were joking! Or did you go into the Life because Owen is?
"I looked it up too, and I'm 90% sure that's not even a rule..."


Spoken like a true Aspie!
September 24th, 2019 I get it!

That is, I got the "flaming pile" part right in my comment back when Nirrod cast this spell.

September 13th, 2019
Alright! The bowling scene!

I remember you telling us that the loud colors were meant to represent Cosmic Bowling. I confess that I didn't get it until you pointed it out, but I had wondered why the colors were so intense.

Not criticizing, since representing Cosmic Bowling in digital format is probably hard as hell.
Fan-bloody-Tastic drawing of a crow!

I love crows and ravens [My online name should give that away].

Although I can't tell if the white in it's feathers are highlights or a real white feather mutation, it gives the crow a very noble look indeed!

Although the mutation is extremely rare, I have seen it on nature programs about birds.

Also, I'm just finishing up "Hollow Kingdom". It's a new novel about a zombie apocalypse set in Seattle, told through the eyes of a domesticated crow who must learn to live in a new world without humans.

Anyway, love the chapter cover!
@Quadrant: Maybe Ave's just after another beating to remind Maxwell who's boss now.
Maybe he is a descendant of Carl Maria von Weber!

What I love about this comic is that at points such as this, I have no idea what will happen next.

I can't even come up with what I WANT to happen.
...and the other shoe drops!

I was wondering how long Maxwell was going to be quiet.
Congratulations on 1 year!

It's been a great one!
Joe Sacco!

A native of my city! And a great comic artist.