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@JoKeR: "much violence and swearing"

Ah, I didn't think of that. Here in the U.S., kids see a large quantity of violence in the entertainment media; very few parents prevent their children from watching violence anymore.

Ironically, many parents still try to prevent their children from seeing media with swearing, but this is nearly impossible.
Take your time! I assume that you either work a job or attend school or both. It's hard to do that and update on a regular basis.

Just speaking for myself, I wouldn't look at work in progress because I like the experience of seeing a new page for the first time. That's just me, though.

I'd say wait on a Q & A extra, unless your Inbox is maxed-out with fan requests for it.
@JoKeR: hehe...I must confess that it would have been funny if this page was as my warped imagination thought it was in my first comment.

But I assume that Katran is intended as an all-ages story...
@JoKeR: Ah, I see.

Nirrod let the guard nearly catch up to him, then literally cast the spell and started running faster at the same time.

I'll just wait for the next update if I still got it wrong.
@JoKeR: I don't mean to be entirely a smart-ass, but did Nirrod turn that guard into a pile of flaming crap?
I'm sensing that Maxwell is weakening, but some of it might be an act.

I'm glad Avery can save on train fare.
Maxwell's just blowing smoke. As a Dom, he's an expert in verbal intimidation.

This is the only weapon he's got, now that he's discorporate.

He can't give migraines like Baron Harkonnen did to Princess Alia in DUNE MESSIAH.
@Quadrant: I have faith in our dear boy. He may succumb to the Dark Side for a few chapters, but I think it will be alright in the end.
@Quadrant: As long as Avery doesn't do this to anybody else, and it keeps black wisps away, I think it's good short-term therapy.

We should only worry if Avery finds a way to get rid of Maxwell but doesn't do it.
@Biscuit: But the jokes still on Maxwell, imho, because in his state he apparently has no one else to talk to.
Besides now having supernatural powers, the saving grace for Avery is that Maxwell doesn't seem to hear Avery's thoughts unless he permits it.

Unless Maxwell already can hear his thoughts and has to "verbalize" everything because he's too insecure to cope with "silence".
hmmm...this may not be what it looks like.

Reminds me of one of the best movie suspense scenes of all time.

Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds; where crows gather on the monkey bars on a school playground, while the heroine sits on a bench with her back to them not realizing what's happening... <8-0
Can't wait to see what Avery has got up his vomit-drenched sleeve.
My rock and roll days are mostly in the distant past.

But now and again I'll hear something "new" [1990's to present] and check it out on YouTube.

Thanks for posting these playlists!
@JesBelle: Spinoff: The Liver That Ate Liverpool

Just found Part II.

The warnings about triggering content moving up a level are duly noted.

But I didn't expect the supernatural aspect to advance a level; this is a good surprise.

Looks like the cultists saw something in Avery before he did.
I would in my fursona form. Awwoo would be perfect.

Now it's got Warren Zevon's "Werewolf of London" playing in my head! XD
Good thing I'm not a character sitting in-frame with them.

I would have said, "You're drawing BEANS for practice!?!"