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September 13th, 2019
Alright! The bowling scene!

I remember you telling us that the loud colors were meant to represent Cosmic Bowling. I confess that I didn't get it until you pointed it out, but I had wondered why the colors were so intense.

Not criticizing, since representing Cosmic Bowling in digital format is probably hard as hell.
Fan-bloody-Tastic drawing of a crow!

I love crows and ravens [My online name should give that away].

Although I can't tell if the white in it's feathers are highlights or a real white feather mutation, it gives the crow a very noble look indeed!

Although the mutation is extremely rare, I have seen it on nature programs about birds.

Also, I'm just finishing up "Hollow Kingdom". It's a new novel about a zombie apocalypse set in Seattle, told through the eyes of a domesticated crow who must learn to live in a new world without humans.

Anyway, love the chapter cover!
@Quadrant: Maybe Ave's just after another beating to remind Maxwell who's boss now.
Maybe he is a descendant of Carl Maria von Weber!

What I love about this comic is that at points such as this, I have no idea what will happen next.

I can't even come up with what I WANT to happen.
...and the other shoe drops!

I was wondering how long Maxwell was going to be quiet.
Congratulations on 1 year!

It's been a great one!
Joe Sacco!

A native of my city! And a great comic artist.
Jack has the expression of an over-worked non-tenured college professor with his most irritating student:

"Your mid-term paper on Micro Economics is unacceptable! Do it over!"

A being who can help one person as well as millions.

Since there was no Civil War in this universe, I wonder if Jupiter's actions nullified the rise of Fascism and prevented the World Wars?

Just an idle musing.
I understand the need to tone down the explicit sexual scenes, although it's too bad you must.

I do hope you'll keep some of the serious life issues in the story.

Some chapters forced me to confront some of my own. Although painful, I am grateful to see it in a story that is both entertaining and realistic.
@JoKeR: "much violence and swearing"

Ah, I didn't think of that. Here in the U.S., kids see a large quantity of violence in the entertainment media; very few parents prevent their children from watching violence anymore.

Ironically, many parents still try to prevent their children from seeing media with swearing, but this is nearly impossible.
Take your time! I assume that you either work a job or attend school or both. It's hard to do that and update on a regular basis.

Just speaking for myself, I wouldn't look at work in progress because I like the experience of seeing a new page for the first time. That's just me, though.

I'd say wait on a Q & A extra, unless your Inbox is maxed-out with fan requests for it.
@JoKeR: hehe...I must confess that it would have been funny if this page was as my warped imagination thought it was in my first comment.

But I assume that Katran is intended as an all-ages story...
@JoKeR: Ah, I see.

Nirrod let the guard nearly catch up to him, then literally cast the spell and started running faster at the same time.

I'll just wait for the next update if I still got it wrong.
@JoKeR: I don't mean to be entirely a smart-ass, but did Nirrod turn that guard into a pile of flaming crap?
I'm sensing that Maxwell is weakening, but some of it might be an act.

I'm glad Avery can save on train fare.
Maxwell's just blowing smoke. As a Dom, he's an expert in verbal intimidation.

This is the only weapon he's got, now that he's discorporate.

He can't give migraines like Baron Harkonnen did to Princess Alia in DUNE MESSIAH.
@Quadrant: I have faith in our dear boy. He may succumb to the Dark Side for a few chapters, but I think it will be alright in the end.