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I thought this would happen much later! This is exciting!
December 6th, 2018
Now, I'm lousy at understanding affairs of the heart, but:

Would Carter really have a problem being faithful to a caring, non-abusive partner?
Now the Psychology Geek in me is in observation mode.

I intend to speculate whether Owen has some personality disorder(s) or if it was purely his upbringing that is responsible for his less appealing traits.
@Biscuit: Ah, no worries!

I was just poking fun at myself because I said Owen looked abashed for a change, but on this page he went rignt back to being his horny old self again! :-)
Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver penis reared it's swollen head.

Bang! Bang! Callum's silver fist made sure that it went dead.
Perfect Thanksgiving piece!

Colors for the holiday just right, and the theme understated to make it more original.


PS I am thankful for your story and art.
Now my comment from Page 650 makes me look pretty stupid.

lol Well done, Owen!
@Drake Bee: I'm really sorry; I wish I could.

But I welcome the occassional greeting thru the various fan comments of our SJ favs!
November 19th, 2018

Haw! Haw!

They could try "Practice Kissing".
@Biscuit: Oh, that's right-you've got a Tory government these days.

Social Services-wise it's Apocalypse over here too, but that hardly needs to be mentioned.
@Drake Bee: Likewise!
@Darkhalo4321: I just stumbled on your comment while looking at the comic description page so I have to add:

So am I. Born here, left, and came back.
November 17th, 2018

Oh, Carter dear boy...

You are going to have to get help sooner or later.
It's refreshing to see Owen a bit abashed for a change.

...and Avery being callous.
Unless it's only Maxwell's emotional dynamic bleeding into Avery's.
November 15th, 2018
Nature beat Nurture in Reuben's case.

With a dad like his, one either becomes a bully or a wimp. Reuben is neither.

Considering what he just said, he's pretty gosh darn humble.
@Tepig16: Truly. For him, that level of emotion is huge.

Definitely a city in the American perspective.

I don't know what the official parameters are that classify a place as a village, town, or city. But in my mind a town would be in the population range of up to 50k; and a small city between that and 100k.

Anyway, I had the mistaken impression that he was from a small town where social services would not be as readily available.

This is what happens when you follow too many graphic novels; you forget or miss vital details.
Owen must have been a hyperactive little boy.

I pity his teachers, and I pity him in a small town school[if I got his background correct].
@JesBelle: I think I know how I'd handle a thug-brute living in my head:

I'd deliberately get tunes stuck in my head that he'd hate.

"You still there? How about another round of Mozart's Requiem?"