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Sorry about the delay ... and the insane delay before that. Things have been a little "chaotic" for me latley and I kinda lost my rhythm. I will do my best to bring new updates back on a more regular basis.
(Though, I can't make promises right now...)

Till then.
Further hints and infos
You are allowed to submit more than one character, just keep in mind that characters from first-timers will be prioritized!

If you've got any questions dont hesitate to ask in the comments or via PM.
The new looks seems to be more detailed now. Especially the Lycanroc (buttom left panel) looks realy nice!
@comercole: Sure, as long as you mention me somewhere as the comic creator, you may use it as you like :D!
End of Chapter 1
Now that the first chapter "Awakening" is finally over, I wanted to thank each and everyone of you for reading, following and commenting on this project. Even though I'm not the most active "comment responder", I seriously appreciate all of your comments and support. To make it short: ... thx. ...

Yeaa sorry, I'm realy not a man of many words... Still, I'm realy thankfull for everything! So thank you, good luck on your own possible careers, projects, comics etc and have a good day!
@orgostevani: It remains exiting!
Little update.
Hey, updates have been a little irregular, during the last weeks sorry for that. I was a little stressed out and lost all of my buffer pages ...
I'm hoping to get back on track now, to upload new pages on a certain scheudle again.

Besides that, I made some optical improvements aswell.
Sorry, I am late!
I'm back!
Hey, sorry for not updating last week, I didn't, and still don't have much time due to some privat matter. I'm honestly not even sure if I'll be able to update next week ... But the week following the next one should be back to the normal scheudle.

Besides that, thank y'all so much for 50+ FANS!!!
I got a few useful tips, how to make better lineart. I'd say it worked, ... Im a little proud of myself. (¬‿¬)

... also im glad the "underwater-part" is already over, it was a little exhausting to draw.
reworked Gaid a little
@TheMasterMaxwell: Thanks for the positive feedback and for correcting me aaand sorry for the late respond (in regard to your comment on page 3). I am not that good at grammer and not a native speaker, so I seriously appreciate it. If you should find more typos in the future and wish to inform me about it, you may send me a direct message aswell. =D

(I dont know what to write in the Author Comments ... )
Sorry, my bad
Some of you might have seen that page 5 has been published yesterday, instead of next monday. This was not supposed to happen, I just messed up the date (wrote instead of 2nd april 2nd march).
However, the mistake has been corrected and page 5 will reappear monday.
Made a few minor changes regarding my technique.
The second page.
I will try to make the begining as short as possible, for the simple reason that I want to get to the actual story as fast as possible.
First Page
Welcome to Page 1
I ... hm I actually dont have much to say.
Well besides that im glad that I finally, actually started this thing.