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Hi everyone! My name is Claire (or LegendKitten) and I host the webcomic Possessions. Feel free to PM me or ask me for spoilers- but you won't always get'em!
I like furries, cats, macaronis and cheese, Pokemon, BatIM (which I will start making comics of next) and uhhh... Yeah!
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I'm SO sorry, I haven't updated for 3 days! I had to write a 1000+ word essay on Donald Trump, and I had no time for anything else today, and the other day I was also busy with college stuff. To make up for it, I'm giving you COLORS!
Do you like the bottom panel's style? It really wasn't that hard to do, so if you want me to, I can keep doing it.
Hush up, they worked hard on it and it's great!
@Bluemj61: Thanks =)
I desperately need hugs

a n d v i e w s
You found me! Crap, if you're not old enough to make an account, you probably can't co-author, can you?