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Its was actually fun coloring it. I am learning a lot about shading and effects I hope the coloring is alright with everyone. But whats even better is Shay is card reading on himself so he can do it on others and help them.Things are certainly getting interesting with these two pages. More to come and I hope y'all have a great day and a fantastic week! :D
@natta0202: Thank you:) happy to be here! :D
It's Nice to meet y'all! I'm Bleucerise an artist who loves to draw (of course!), write,read,watch anime and movies! I hope to make this comic a success. :) This is my first time making/helping with a comic. So, if I mess up critique me and tell me what I could fix as a colorist! Hope to see y'all soon when we have more pages to give u. Have a great day! :D