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    i can give it to you, but then i have to kill you
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October 10th, 2008
dammit, i blame mav for misleading me
October 9th, 2008
wait... the 5th person is a girl?
October 9th, 2008
this reminds me of the series "power of five"
which i am reading right now...
damn this is creepy
interesting... i will send my sprites as soon as i am done with it
err... my sprites?
*sigh* prepare for a long rant scorpia
anti sprites = inverted sprite T_T
no idea rag...

but if everyone is posting intros, i better do mine too

...right after i done the paperworks AKA homework T_T
about the image claw, remember to off resize when uploading or to use optimize without resizing
mega... blue freak....
MGF, you sure did it now
? you mean its incorrect that there can be two different time zones people on the same times zones?

what are the 2 words anyway?
fine, my bad, his last post was 13 feb, 1 nd a hlaf months.

now go to kho chat or somehting, i am dying for a chat
that is... a really good question. 1 that i dont have the answer to.

btw, EJ havent post in 4 months,bad sign...
all right... i am already making my intro, but it will have to be posted tomorrow, cuz my parents and those trees killing pieces of homeworks just plain stinks
ok.... i dont see how you are gonna find 200+ worlds.

anyway, goodnites to you
ahh... like sonic, the sorts?

are you gonne introduce kho as part of the comic anyway?
huh? hack and destory worlds? is kho gonna be 1 of them?