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My hobbies are like Pokemon only lol. Im totally a Jolteon/Umbreon fan. I sometimes feel like this.

Umbreon: Lonely
Jolteon: Energetic.

The funny part is if I was a Pokemon, I would like glaceon. But im not a Pokemon. XD
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That looks pretty neat. And alrighty, take your time if you need to.
@Pinkeevee222: Oh I don't doubt it. xD
Pffft, If I was in dusk's situation, I would be like fine, tell them all about me. I wouldn't care. (Assuming dusk really hates his mom that bad...)
Welp... he's gone.
Unless someone goes to save him.
BWAHAHA that's actually funny.
??? Well now this story has threw me off a building. At least my mind did.
Pffft, well that would have scared me.
@EpicSignal: I felt the same way for a moment but then I realized what was going on. xD But I agree with you, this page is really good.
Haha, I love the first panel where Silveon is just like woah... this is nice. xD
Well lo shite. That isn't good. Im glad that Jake and the Zoarark are good to go but kiln....
Also jakes eyes are pink... what's that about I wonder?
??? I don't get what's going on now. xD
PFFFT good one Eevee.
@jaketheflareon231: I know that. xP
*Sigh* I just wanted to answer for him really.
@jaketheflareon231: I know that I am not PKM-150 but I am a acquaintance of his, I do know what is partially going on.
The only reason why he changed his pfp is mainly because of the fact that he has a new pfp. There is no particular reason why he did it I don't think.
I do find it amusing how in panel 5, Jolteon is being dragged into something else all of a sudden and I find his reaction like what da heck is going on now?! xD I find that amusing but I cant say my reaction wouldn't be the same.