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My hobbies are like Pokemon only lol. Im totally a Jolteon/Umbreon fan. I sometimes feel like this.

Umbreon: Lonely
Jolteon: Energetic.

The funny part is if I was a Pokemon, I would like glaceon. But im not a Pokemon. XD
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Also, silver..
Hope you are better, don't push yourself and take a rest.
@venami: ROFL Well, you gotta point there.
@Zirilon: Well dat sucks, Bad luck indeed.
If that was a curse, well... flip. There wen't her/his life. Then again, why be so harsh absol? He (Assuming that he is male... Sorry if it isnt!) just doesn't know about some of that stuff.
That is awesome look.
@pixlblox9099: ^_^; I'm the same way. I guess you could call me a mix but maybe like... 60% of the time is when I act a bit stupid. Not Stupid stupid but you get what I mean.
If you want my opinion about why Glaceon isn't blushing, she is probably not blushing because she just doesn't want to mess with that fact right then. I know because I have been there. (I somehow got the feeling that I am wrong.) Or she might just not want to make it obvious that she likes speedy. Now how she does that is a good question, she might just be thinking of something else to prevent blushing and there was also a few time where I hit that situation and had to do that. Now as far as the whole messing with the idea part, I am not sure if all of that made since. I really get her though, although its hard to explain.
@BrimazKing: That would be pretty cool indeed.
@XxUmbreon2682xX: ...I think its just the fact that she does not want to mess with that fact if you know what I mean. I have been in that situation before so I know how she feels. Granted, I'm not the person that is shy, but more like energetic.
I think the graphics have changed. Now as for Klin and Claude, they might be continuing there day. Now as for the voice that is unknown, hmm...
Eclipse is really really cool...! I really want to hug it. (Although im pretty sure he/she would slice me in half if I did that.) ^_^; Anyway, you do amazing work as always! Hope everything is going well.
@TheSerperior: xD I know I know, I actually used to like serperior a lot.
You do an excellent Job as always PKM~
I am really liking this comic. Not only because of what your recently posting and making everyone be like oh boy whats gonna happen. xD But you do a serperior Job ;) (Pun intended just for the fun of it.) on everything I have seen. *Snaps* Awesome.
@GodSniper0523: Your reaction makes me laugh but also makes me like: Uhhh ^_^;
@waffle666: lol I guess I just think that she sounds familiar to him.
Sorry to say...
I don't have any money. Even though I would like to help, I can't and I feel regret already for that. But hey! All you can do is try! ^_^;