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My hobbies are like Pokemon only lol. Im totally a Jolteon/Umbreon fan. I sometimes feel like this.

Umbreon: Lonely
Jolteon: Energetic.

The funny part is if I was a Pokemon, I would like glaceon. But im not a Pokemon. XD
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Something tells me that the finnekin likes jake… ;) lol

but hey, there is nothing wrong with that.
lol well, hey, everyone knows what you meant now so... ya
LOL that is hilarious because of how many times it does the batman thing. Not only that but its on wika! ROFL
Nice, that is a drawling to save. lol but I might not or I might. I usually save comics and chapters of stuff for offline use or for a later date. I don't use the pictures for anything else.
Im thinking the reason why you are thinking of it as zygard is because of it's cloke. Although I guess it is possible that it is zygard. To me, it looks like a halucha in a cloke or some sort of zygard outfit.
@pixlyJolt: I guess that make sense.
@pixlyJolt: Ok... I don't get how it won't make since to other people but ok.
@pixlyJolt: If I'm not badly mistaken, all she does is help PKM-150 out when necessary and help answer questions on the chat.... basically an assistant for PKM-150.
I have to admit, it does suck that I have to wait a long period of time for a comic to show up from PKM-150. But I also understand that he is under a lot of stress. Not only does he not have school to do, he also has to worry about other comics that he created. So, I do understand that it will take some time. I'm cheering for him to overcome his stress. I'm not going to rush him. Even if it does take an eon for him to make it. Or if he decides to stop the comic, I'll understand. ;) I know its not easy doing this sorta thing.
@pixlyJolt: If you are talking about new pages for Eeveelution squad, the latest page is about Glaceon being tackled by hugs. Flareon and Leafeon just hugging her normally, then all of a sudden, The two eevee's tackle her with a hug. That's what the latest page was.
@pixlyJolt: ROFL I can imagen a jolteon craving crazily, for peanutbutter. XD
@pixlyJolt: For ES? And to answer your question about where was I: I didn't know how to get here. With shiny jolteon's help, I was able to get here and bookmark it. How smart of me? lol (Just playing.) Anyway, what do you mean by ES? Do you mean Eeveelution squad...?
Ah so thats what people have been doing... no wonder I get confused.
@Tyler The Shiny Jolteon: Ok then. Don't know but he is probably growing plants knowing him. ;p
@Tyler The Shiny Jolteon: Yay! Now im able to chat. So... this is what its like...? Ok then. By the way, thanks for letting me join the chat. I kinda wanted to!
@Tyler The Shiny Jolteon: By the by, you said I could join your chat. Yes? Well, I couldn't figure out how. Are you able to tell me how to do it?
@Glaceon fan: I know, I hate it too. But, we have to do what were told. Summer went over that fast too... dang! I hate it when summer zooms by us and school doesn't!
@Tyler The Shiny Jolteon: Oh... (Head desk, I think my head was fried then. Sorry.
@Umbreon5456: Now that looking at the comics from last comic and this comic, im almost certain its halucha. Could be wrong though.
@Ima Fishtick: … I don't know and actually halucha does have hands. Just exactly like those. But you are right about zygard. He doesn't have hands. Unless he's 100% form. By the by, keep in mind that the author could just have edited the pokemon. We will never know unless he gives it off some way.