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My hobbies are like Pokemon only lol. Im totally a Jolteon/Umbreon fan. I sometimes feel like this.

Umbreon: Lonely
Jolteon: Energetic.

The funny part is if I was a Pokemon, I would like glaceon. But im not a Pokemon. XD
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The 5th panel of the last page though...
That page was hilarious, especailly the 5th panel where Eevee was like WTF happened?! xD
the peoples reactions are just hilarious in my opinion. Either that, or I am just laughing easily from this comic specifically. I really am liking this comic.
Pffft wow Glaceon
Way to hide your feelings. There is nothing wrong admitting it.
Well, I do find quite a bit of this funny I will give it that.
Eeek this isn't good.
That's good that you got 650~! Hope you keep on growing.
@42Meep: ...Maybe. I could see that.
Oh really?! He's a human??!! I am surprised. Although I am kinda worried about Vaporeon now. Looks like she might be having a nightmare or a heart attack or something, which I don't blame him at all I would probably be the exact same way if I was in his situation. But that does bring the question, is HE human? Well... probably not because he then, can't use moves. That would be intere- ohhh... *Snicker* I think I know how he had him. xD But I am not gonna say.

(A couple hours later...)
Boy, you got Umbro thinking now. Who is the mother and is that one girl... The Sylveon that can transfer into others... WAIT
You have to be kidding me, the Transforming Eevee has to be that kids mother! I am really curious about the next page...
@Flavia-Elric: Ahh that makes more since. I thought you made a mistake for a moment. But I see that Eevee just named him celery xD
Umm... think you made a mistake there. But otherwise I find the Pokemon's reactions funny. (Maybe it was a silly nick-name?
@AssaultBird2454: What could go right... riiigght...... *Snicker*
Its fine Fidchell, everyone has those days after all.
Those Crystals are giving a bad vibe. To them while I am sitting here like: Oh crap something is gonna get them.
The last panel is really funny. But I don't blame him.
@Ark the Glaceon: Ya... I am the type that likes games and stuff and also comics. But my mom is just like you need some real books. I am like:
I am fine the way I am thank you very much. xD
@Unown: YUP ROFL That would have been hilarious.
I like the fact that Glaceon and Jolteon do look like they would be great. I really find it funny how Glaceon was just like: LAAAAME xD That made me chuckle a little. I really like seeing a Glaceon happy. Ill say that much.
and OMG the styles of Pokemon in the library. I mean, seriously?! Look at that Eevee~! He's so cool... xD I also like the snivy! He is pretty cool too... dang I am in love with the styles that PKM has! There neat!
Ok, I find that really cute. xD Nice drawing for sure!
Happy Valentines d- Oh, its 12:14 for me so its not Valentines day anymore... DANGIT! xD
@AssaultBird2454: Ya... exactly what I was thinking he would ask him to do.
@pixlyJolt: How come? Another time zone maybe?