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My hobbies are like Pokemon only lol. Im totally a Jolteon/Umbreon fan. I sometimes feel like this.

Umbreon: Lonely
Jolteon: Energetic.

The funny part is if I was a Pokemon, I would like glaceon. But im not a Pokemon. XD
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Sounds about right with this sorta situation.
Ok I'm liking this Leafeon LOL
He's pretty cool! I would be like wait wat xD At least that would be my reaction if I was in Flareon's shoes, or should I say paws.
Welp, bye milo! Come again!
Yea... uhh that's gonna be a fall and a half lol
I can relate to that... xD
My school is literally messing with my grades for no reason and not really telling me what to do. Leaving me with piles of work that didn't need to happen, so I can definitely relate to that one xD
And don't get me started on this weeks tests... oh god xD
Oh kiln...
Thinking ahead of the crowd are we? xD
Well that was a fail.
xD Yea..... uhh that didn't work. FRIENDLY FIRE! LOL
@EpicSignal: Yup. I would agree but idk *Shrug*
@DarkFireEevee: that's the question that I was wondering xP
Wow... interesting.
This is worrying indeed, I am wondering what Flare is gonna make of this? And is he going to tell his sister Crystal, and Speedy?
This could get interesting.
Interesting but I find it hilarious how he cracked his fortune cookie when he came up with the idea. xD then he's like ahh crap. LOL
Well... similar to what I thought was gonna happy only Milo doesnt run xP
Nice. (Was a bit late to the party but eh, better late then not get there am I right?) Fun fact, my mom's birthday is on the 29th of October, it just past.
interesting questions.
Oh no.... this can't be good.
I think someone harmed fluffy, at least the 8th panel gave a clue.
I do like how in the third panel though sunshine is leaning against axel. It's cute. I like the page overall xD Thanks PKM!
@POKEMON160: Exactly what I was thinking! There dragging the whole dungion LOL
No biggy
@Nekomata-chan: If you have to take a break from the comic then do so, we'd understand lol
Well bonded relationship, I'll say that much.