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Hey there's just a student making comics for the fun of it in my downtime c: I just have a huge passion for art and wanted to get my stuff out there. I hope you do enjoy my comic ^^ thank you for taking the time to read this.

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@The Orange Cow: hahaha apparently not
:0 wanted to upload two pages this week but been in training so it's allllmost 2 days late...ENJOY!
@The Orange Cow: I spilt my water hahaha
Always late late late :D
Probably not what readers wanted to see but I've been busy with family things over this holiday. We have a lot of family traditions and getting through them all has been exhausting 030 but hey back to regular-ish posting soon. I'll try to put out a page this week for the day I missed.
Sorry for the wait, hopefully in the future I'm quicker, I wanted to keep updating my style and had to do this panel over several times. Still not completely happy with it but hey it's an improvement from January! Posting this before Tuesday as I will not be able to post then because I'll be quite busy. Hope you all enjoy!
AAAAAnd I messed up, saved over the page file and had to redo it all again, but rushed it out because time, sorry guys!
Hey there, sorry for the long break, had to deal with some life things but hey I'm slowly picking my life back up. I'm ready to dish out regularly again and I thank any of you who stuck around. To the question on my last page, nope haven't given up just yet, life just smacked me in the face all at once. c:
Hello there it's me late mc later late c: welp got some feedback from the comics so far and will be working to improve on it in the future :D
Damn I'm slacking! wanted to redraw the creature here and learn better fire, slowly getting there ^^ enjoy!
Hey there lately I've found a game called Divinity 2 and my addiction to it had went all over the place, welp back onto work now so enjoy this very...very late upload.
I'm eary with this one as I won't be able to post Tuesday c: so enjoy this early post
@YunikoYokai: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hmmmmm who knows
RIP to that guy's jaw.
Started trying different things with backgrounds to make it look less....plain...but I have to balance with pretty looks and time soooo I hope I'll get there...Eventually. Either way enjoy ^^
Finally got time!!! Off to D&D I go c:
@Hiro: "I am evil...Stop laughing"
@YunikoYokai: Thank you so much! ^^ stay tuned
A bit late due to commissions c: hope you guys enjoy this page!
Just noticed looking over this that I totally forgot there was a smashed door at the bottom here....Hmmmm I'll fix that when I have time. But for now! Wipe that missing element from your minds faster than we forgot about ebola! Cheers!