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Hey I decided to join SJ because of reasons unknown and basically it inspired me to want to do this I'll listen to others opinions but unless they see what I see I wont pay much attention to them.(sry in advance if you hoped I would) I can't wait to meet new people and friends on here and my expectations of another's personality is so low I almost won't care at all well this is me I wanna know more about you.
October 19th, 2019
Great job and the hunt is on.
The name is Umbreon, James Umbreon
It's gonna be ok
Well hard to say this but I can relate on a personal level to the point where I thought I was gonna lose a close friend however confronting about it helped me in many way so I understand how you must be feeling and can see why this would make you feel the way you do right now, but just remember there will always be someone to care for you and be there when your down this break has been long overdue and you need the rest and relaxation to figure things out I'm sorry if any of this makes me seem like a smartypants or with the swear words you know what I mean, but yeah take as long as you need to just know we got your back and so do your friends who stay by your side.
I wonder if there will be a crossover and might be some more sins other then wrath like envy, pride, greed, gluttony, sloth, and lust aren't I right in line of thinking?
yay first and fun
I can relate to bliss as I also look at things such as what he wants to know from a psychological stand point but am sick of people avoiding what it's just that I want to know especially if taken to a serious matter if any of that makes sense.
Wow come on their dad should be proud he has to admit he had to have done something similar to umbreon's actions at least once in his life haha.
Nice and caring this is a great page of work.
@Shin the eevee: they also don't know who the house is for but there only suggestion would have to be silvia so i wonder how their reactions will play out when/if they find out.
also love how they decided to help silvia build a house for a legendary pokemon.
I liked how some of these moves were used like the ones from certain anime like per say "Baka no test summon"
The secret must come out on why they don't have a mom it kinda sad to and the way their dad avoided the question must mean it was really bad.
@EeveeMaster21: man if only they realize how true that is.
So sad she turned into the kiss a dragon to death type of Pokemon otherwise I ship it.
@Glaceon: I only like it for the drama happening in all honesty I see why speedy is getting frustrated with her.
Ooooo. This just gets better and better I wonder what will happen next haha.
Oooooo DRAMAAA BOOMB!! that just gets me excited in my voice and the situation looks great.
@Deathxael: No problem it's good to be helping.