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I just read everything today and this story is really good! You draw well and write wonderfully well too. I hope to be able to read the end of it. Take care of your health, dear author. Thank you for generously sharing this with us.
I would understand if you did that. But I must say that if even though you'd censor it here, I'd like to see the rest of the story. I'm not here for the smut (it's nice, but not capital). I would like to think that me being able to afford or not Patreon (if I did I would already support you) does change the fact that I can follow along your journey through this awesome story. Think it through, and the most important thing is DO WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU.

P.S. what I like most about comics is the psychological development of the characters, which you do beautifully. Thanks for sharing that with me.
Maybe late, but...
I immediately recognized the song, I played it while looking at the pages. It's one of my ever favorite songs, thank you very much, I love this comic more as ever now.