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Hello fellow comic lovers

Who am I?
I’m an artist, I’m a writer,
sometimes also a graphic designer.
I create art, poetry, comics, and graphics,
and on request I edit, analyze text and pics,

I am most active at Facebook and Deviantart. There I also post my other artwork. So if you like to take a look, to feedback or comment on my work you will find me there:

Additionally I have these social media accounts, which only use to post my latest art:

All my original projects and artwork will be for free. But if you would like to support my efforts please consider to drop me a dime ^_-
February 10th, 2018
Authors commentary
Alright, I quickly finished this Akuma Tenchi's chapter's last page to finally start on the new one with the new designs ^_^- I kinda just used this one to test out software specifically meant for drawing manga :P. Ironically I think the last sketchy panel I added randomly (This time I felt too tired to finish up the lineart) kinda turned out better than expected XD and the lines are more natural, too O.o. Maybe I should worry less about perfect lineart in the future :P

You can read the chapter(or support my projects) on:…